“Emergency! In Colorado” (Illinois Family Spotlight #115)

Today’s podcast features an interview with Dr. Karen Randall MD., an emergency room physician in the 3rd busiest Emergency Department
in Colorado; trained in emergency medicine, pediatrics and family practice; holds a certificate in Cannabis Science and Medicine from the University of Vermont; on the Board of Directors for SCEMA and VP of case management for SCEMA; has spoken nationally and internationally on the harms of marijuana.

Dr. Karen Randall and Monte Larrick discuss recreational marijuana legalization in Colorado, the push to legalize recreational pot in Illinois, a potential epidemic of lung cancer as a direct result of smoking marijuana, a larger nanny state in Colorado, the overwhelmed medical service in Colorado, and the consequences of using marijuana while pregnant.

They also surmise why Illinois lawmakers still wish to legalize in spite of the apparent negative effects of legal pot, and what Illinois constituents need to tell their legislators about recreational marijuana.

This interview with Dr. Randall was recorded during a No Weed Illinois webinar.


"Emergency! In Colorado" (Illinois Family Spotlight #115)