“The Right Governor Can Make a Difference in Illinois” (Illinois Family Spotlight #082)

On this edition of Illinois Family Spotlight, Monte Larrick speaks with Julaine Appling, the President of the Wisconsin Family Council, about what has happened in Wisconsin with Governor Scott Walker, and what could happen with a true conservative Republican governor in Illinois.

Early in the conversation, Julaine Appling stated her premise:

“Everything rides, rests, rises, falls on families. Whether you’re talking about a community, a state or a nation. And so when these families are prosperous, thriving — I’d define it this way — when these families are independent of government, the state is in a good position.”

“And how do families get independent of government?,” she asked? “One of the ways is through family sustaining jobs.”

“We need to exercise Christian stewardship,” Appling stressed: “As Christians in particular,” she said, “we need to take it upon ourselves to get informed…to be a committee of one to reach out to at least ten other people…”

“I’m told you can’t legislate morality. The reality is, every bill that’s signed into law, whether its at the state level or the federal level, or an ordinance at the country or city level, it’s someone’s view of what’s right and wrong. Who is sitting in the governor’s office makes a huge difference about what is viewed as right and wrong, good and bad in the state.”

“The hope of our national is in our families — our mom and dad natural families who are bringing up the next generation…”

"The Right Governor Can Make a Difference in Illinois" (Illinois Family Spotlight #082)