“Parenting in a World of Tech” (Illinois Family Spotlight #064)

In the Spotlight this week is Rob Rienow, the founder of Visionary Family Ministries, he also is the pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Glen Ellyn. Pastor Rienow shares the biblical message of family discipleship at national and international conferences for parents, couples, and church leaders. He partners and consults with numerous churches, encouraging them to accelerate evangelism and discipleship through families. Rob and his wife Amy have seven children and they reside in the western suburbs of Chicago.

He joins Monte Larrick to discuss the impact of modern technology on children and teenagers, including internet pornography, social media, and cyber bullying. He draws from experience and shares some great tips and recommendations to reconnect your family to Christ and each other.



Illinois Family Spotlight
Illinois Family Spotlight
"Parenting in a World of Tech" (Illinois Family Spotlight #064)