“The Victims of Choice” (Illinois Family Spotlight #052)

At a recent event called the Face the Truth Tour, where pro-baby activists and volunteers converge on a busy intersection displaying signs depicting aborted human beings, Monte Larrick interviewed Eric Scheidler, the Executive Director of the Pro Life Action League. They discuss why the Pro Life Action League does this tour, HB 40, and the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade/Doe v. Bolton with an additional pro-life justice on the Supreme Court. While overturning Roe v. Wade/Doe v. Bolton would be a huge victory for the pro-life movement, Eric makes the case for a gradual repeal of abortion instead of a turning all our efforts to a total repeal of Roe v. Wade/Doe v. Bolton.

Eric also addresses the common feeling that pro-lifers can lower their guard now that there is a pro-life president and a new supreme court justice who by all reports is pro-baby as well. Eric makes the case that there is danger in having that kind of complacency.

Take action!

Please call the governors office and ask him to veto HB 40! The governors Springfield office’s number is (217) 782-0244.

Please call our Illinois Senators Durbin and Duckworth and ask them to defund Planned Parenthood. The Capitol switchboard is (202) 226-8000.

Stay tuned to the IFI and the Pro Life Action League for more great pro-baby events to attend, including the 2018 Truth Tour!


"The Victims of Choice" (Illinois Family Spotlight #052)