“Emphasizing LGBTQIA History in Public Schools” (Illinois Family Spotlight #092)

Laurie Higgins joins David Smith and Monte Larrick to discuss the Illinois Senate’s ratification of the ERA, and they also discuss the LGBTQIA history curriculum legislation currently in consideration in the Illinois General Assembly.

Can the ERA be stopped in Illinois now that it has passed the state senate? “Yes,” Laurie Higgins said, because the “ERA actually says nothing about women.” The language of the proposed amendment does signal, however, that it will eradicate abortion restrictions and it will end sex differentiation in private spaces.

When Monte Larrick pointed out that 80 percent of voters are in favor of it when asked, Higgins explained “The reason people are voting for this is because they don’t understand it. They have been persuaded because the mainstream press is in the tank for everything Leftist. So they’ve been persuaded that this is something about protecting women and it actually works against women.”

“It’s not only against life, Higgins said, “Women will be harmed by this.” Women will have to register for the military draft, and how spousal Social Security benefits are allocated will also be impacted, harming women financially. Higgins said that existing laws already protect women. She asks people, “which civil right are women deprived of? Name me one.”

Listeners are encouraged to contact their state house members regarding the ERA. “Look at the language of the law and ask yourself how might that language be applied or used or exploited,” Higgins said.

The discussion then turned to the issue of pending legislation in Springfield that would mandate an emphasis on “LGBTQXYZ” history in our public schools — “even elementary school students would be subjected to this,” Larrick pointed out and asked Higgins for her reaction. “Oh my gosh, I have a lot of reactions, none of them pleasant. This is a very, very troubling bill.”

Children would not be allowed to graduate from the eighth grade without being able to pass a test on their knowledge of the contributions of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. There would be no opting out “because this is an amendment to the school code.”

Higgins said that you have to ask, “what is homosexuality? What constitutes it? How do you define it?” The political left, Higgins explains, “is using a fallacious and absurd and I would argue insulting analogy to race to get this bill passed.”

That is not a sound analogy, Higgins goes on to say, “you have to find the right analogy, which I would argue is polyamory. So can you image if someone said, ‘well, we need to talk about the roles and contributions of polyamorists” to society.’ “Does anyone think a bill like that would pass?”

What constitutes homosexuality? “Subjective internal feelings or desires and volitional acts, behaviors,” Higgins explains. “Homosexuality has no points of correspondence with race or biological sex.” “This bill is based on a Leftist assumption, not a fact, that homosexuality and trans behaviors are morally acceptable.”

"Emphasizing LGBTQIA History in Public Schools" (Illinois Family Spotlight #092)