“An Answer to the Prayers of Illinoisans” (Illinois Family Spotlight #209)

Even if you live outside of Illinois Senate District 25, this edition of Spotlight presents information every voter needs to know. Republican candidate for senator, Jeanette Ward, joins me and Monte Larrick to talk about her candidacy as well as some of the critical issues facing our state. Jeanette shares the biblical values and common-sense principles regarding freedom, faith, and family that will inform her service if she is elected.

During our discussion, Jeanette discusses the implications of the ongoing bribery scheme investigation involving ComEd and “Public Official A” (alleged to be Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan). They also consider Governor Pritzker’s proposed “Progressive” income tax; the possibility of taxing retirement income; the elevation of social indoctrination in public schools over solid instruction in core areas such as reading, writing, math, and science; ethical behavior, and much more.

Illinois sorely needs more conservative voices in Springfield and, as Jeanette says, “Money is a megaphone in politics.” If you would like to make a contribution to amplify Jeanette’s conservative voice, or if you want more information regarding volunteer opportunities with her campaign, please visit jeanette4senate.com. She can also be reached at (630) 294-5927 or by email.

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Illinois Family Spotlight
Illinois Family Spotlight
"An Answer to the Prayers of Illinoisans" (Illinois Family Spotlight #209)