SPOTLIGHT: Sanity as Insurrection by Pastor Doug Wilson

Written by David E. Smith

In this episode of Illinois Family Spotlight podcast, we revisit a powerful lecture given the 2019 Illinois Family Institute Worldview Conference on the “trans” ideology. Sanity as Insurrection is the title of the final session of that conference, and it was delivered by Pastor Doug Wilson. He stressed the importance of asking sane questions, ones that strike at the heart of the matter, when we engage in debate with our adversaries because “deliberate and premeditated sanity is a challenge to the powers that be.”

Pastor Wilson also detailed seven theological/intellectual life hacks–non-negotiables regarding orthodox theology, faith, and truth–that will illuminate what’s going on in the world around us. We cannot recommend this session highly enough to you. Please, share this with your friends and church leaders, or better yet, invite them over to watch the video version of his message and discuss it together. You will be edified, enlightened, emboldened, and inspired.

Please listen and share it with your like-minded friends!