The Next IL GOP Chair Will Be…

Written by David E. Smith and David E. Curtin

The Illinois Republican State Central Committee (SCC) will be meeting tomorrow to consider how to fill the vacancy left by Chairman Don Tracy, who resigned in June. We are only aware of a couple of candidates who are up for consideration. Of course, we want to see someone who is fully committed to uphold the planks on the sanctity of human life, marriage, family, immigration security and religious liberty.

Therefore, we wholeheartedly endorse Kathy Salvi for the next Illinois GOP chair. In fact, we don’t think we could ask for a better person to serve in that role. The 64-year-old mother of six adult children is the wife of former State Representative Al Salvi (1993-1996), who was the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 1996 and Illinois Secretary of State in 1998.

We have complete confidence that Kathy is not only a true conservative, but one who will fight to keep the aforementioned planks in the Illinois GOP Platform.

Take ACTION: Click HERE to send a message to the members of the Illinois Republican SCC to urge them to select Kathy Salvi. We cannot afford to have a chairman who is unwilling or dispassionate about certain critical GOP Platform planks or who has an agenda that isn’t aligned with them.


Both Salvis have been outspoken pro-life pro-family conservatives. Both attended the private Catholic school, Carmel High School in Mundelein, as did former U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate Rick Santorum (R-PA). The Salvis and Santorums are close friends.

Kathy, and her husband Al, have a long history in conservative Illinois politics, especially in pro-life advocacy, including championing abstinence education. Kathy worked closely with Al over the years as they have been involved in GOP and family and pro-life conservative efforts helping candidates.

In 2022, she ran and won the U.S. Senate primary nomination with 30.2% of the vote against 6 other great candidates. Unfortunately, Kathy was unable to defeat incumbent Tammy Duckworth in the General Election. As we know, the red wave did not materialize that year and it was tough election cycle for Republicans in Illinois.