Is Joe Biden “The Most Religious President” in Our Lifetime?

Written by Peter Heck

You have to give media commentator Ana Navarro credit. She found a career loophole. Anything but profound or insightful, Navarro has continued to find work by capitalizing on her gender, ethnicity, and her willingness to wear a Republican label while criticizing every conservative policy idea.

It provides networks that want to avoid airing any actual conservative content the ability to claim they’ve “balanced” their coverage with a “Republican,” despite the fact that Navarro voted for Hillary Clinton, hosted fundraisers for Joe Biden, promotes transgenderism in the military, advocates for the killing of preborn humans, and opposes 2nd Amendment rights.

Oh, and she also just said this:

CNN had invited Navarro on to respond to Donald Trump‘s recent statement to the “Life & Liberty Forum,” where he urged Christians to support him in the upcoming presidential election.

‘You just can’t vote Democrat. They’re against religion. They’re against your religion in particular,’ Trump said.

As she’d been hired to come and do, Navarro took exception to Trump’s remarks and offered a hot take of her own:

‘It’s crazy for him to say Democrats are against religion at a time when we are led by Joe Biden, who, in my lifetime, is the most religious president I can recall,’ Navarro claimed.

I wasn’t watching at the time, but it’s my understanding that lightning did not immediately come down and strike her for such a jaw-dropping claim.

To be honest, this is one thing that I hate so much about our current cultural condition:

  • Political idolaters on the right will overlook the fact that Donald Trump embodies so many of the seven things Proverbs tells us that God finds detestable in humans. They’ll compare him to King Cyrus or claim things like, “Well, God used Nebuchadnezzar.” God will work His purposes through any human. That isn’t the question. The question is whether you think He would have wanted His people to vote for the Babylonian tyrant.
  • Meanwhile, political idolaters on the left will debase themselves by saying demented things like Navarro did. She went on to claim that while Biden was no conservative Christian, he was, “an Irish Catholic church-going practicing Catholic.”

And by “practicing,” she apparently means, “violating some of the most significant tenets of Catholic doctrine.”

The more I’ve thought about it, the more I think Navarro was unintentionally correct. President Biden may actually be the “most religious president” in her lifetime. Though it could certainly be claimed that Biden lacks the mental faculties and self-awareness to even know what he’s doing at this point, and therefore Barack Obama would lay legitimate claim to the title, there’s little question that the religious fervor of this current administration is profound.

The prideful, humanist overtones of Biden’s policy agenda is impossible to miss. Contemptuous towards the heavens, this administration has consistently turned to moral and religious justifications for their embrace of sexual anarchy, open borders, rabid environmentalism and climate alarmism, wealth redistribution, so-called antiracism, and the macabre ritual of child sacrifice that has defined countless pagan, “religious” societies of the past. They may not be the altars of Molech, but altars of convenience will suffice for the true believers.

If that’s what Navarro had in mind, then I have no qualms with her claim.

If she meant that the Biden presidency has, at the expense of traditional morality and in contradiction of biblical authority, elevated the narcissistic self-worship of man and his intellect more than any other in her memory, I can’t and won’t argue.

But Biden’s willingness to attend a mass or two, coupled with a cherry-picked at best, specious at worst, allegiance to Catholic doctrine, does not constitute piety or faithfulness. All it does is provide charlatans like Navarro another opportunity to exchange her integrity for a check to cash.

I hope it’s worth it for her.

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Peter Heck is a writer, speaker, and teacher from Indiana. He is married to Jenny, and is the father of three kids. Peter holds to the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture in his teaching and writing, and has a passion for biblical literacy and for demonstrating the Bible’s applicability to all of life. 

Peter is the lead opinion writer for “Not the Bee.” His opinions have also been published in the Washington Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. A former radio host, Peter produces a daily podcast and has authored a number of books on Christians and the culture.