SPOTLIGHT: Creation Science & The Christian II

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this Spotlight episode, David E. Smith and Self Evident‘s Jenna Smith continue the conversation with Eric Hovind, President and Founder of Creation Today, and Helmut Welke, President of Quad City Creation Science Association. This conversation includes discussion on faux fossils, the importance of training your children to ask the right questions, and why a young earth perspective is crucial to a Biblical worldview. Eric Hovind capitalizes on the importance of sharing one’s faith in order to strengthen one’s faith. In the interview he notes,

If you want to learn how to defend your faith, go start sharing it… You want your kids to know their faith? You take them out with you and you start sharing your faith and then encourage them to do it.

Eric Hovind’s favorite way of sharing his faith is through the use of tracts and his website, “why I bought your coffee.” This website takes people through an understanding of the world, the nature of man, and the reality of Christ. It is a tract but it leads them to an engaging website.

Helmut Welke highlights the importance of learning to ask the correct questions. He notes the bias that evolutionists have against creationism and how believers can combat these untrue biases through asking intelligent, informed questions.

In response to those who bring up the importance of a young earth or an old earth, Eric notes,

The age of the earth is not essential to salvation. However, the age of the earth is critical to the doctrine that gives us salvation. Why did Christ die? To pay the penalty of sin. What’s the penalty of sin? Death… Death is an enemy. Well if the earth is billions of years old, or if God used long periods of time, death is no longer an enemy. It’s actually part of His “very good creation…” Do we serve a God who created a world filled with death and suffering? Or, do we serve a God who created it perfect, and then man messed it up, and He is the one fixing it and redeeming it?

This is an interview you will not want to miss. Listen to Illinois Family Spotlight episode #350 anywhere you find podcasts or click the link below.

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