SPOTLIGHT: A Conversation with Larry Elder

In this special episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, Monte Larrick converses with 2024 Presidential Candidate Larry Elder at the 2023 Black Conservative Summit. Larry Elder is a commentator, film-maker, Epoch Times contributor, and is the executive producer of Uncle Tom and Uncle Tom: An American Odyssey.

Larry Elder, in this interview, capitalizes on the importance of black fathers being present in the home, as this is the greatest threat that is facing black America. When he runs, Elder states that the problem of fatherlessness in the homes of black Americans will be among his top 5 priority issues. Elder goes on to comment about his campaign priorities:

When I run, I intend to talk about the obvious things, which is economy and inflation, paying people not to work, and printing of money. I’ll be talking about how we’ve gone from being energy independent to energy dependent. I’ll be talking about gas prices. I’ll be talking about crime, the assault against the police that’s causing them to pull back and become demoralized, and encouraging bad people to do bad things– mostly the black people. I’ll be talking about the borders.

Elder goes on to say,

There are a couple of things I bring to the table that the others don’t. Most notably, an ability to refute the lie that America is systemically racist.

Larry Elder also tackles the monumental issue of public schools, government education, and what true education reform looks like. This is an interview you will not want to miss.

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