Newsom Leads 21 State Pro-Abortion Alliance

Written by Greg Burt

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has ramped up his efforts to expand and protect the abortion industry and turn California into an “abortion sanctuary.” He launched billboards in several pro-life states encouraging women to come to California to receive abortions. He has signed a dozen radical abortion bills, including a bill to block other states from enforcing pro-life laws. He also launched a website to help women seeking abortions find clinics to do so. Now, he is leading a new network consisting of 21 states [including Illinois] to strengthen “abortion access.”

The Reproductive Freedom Alliance was formed so that Democrat governors and their staff can exchange best practices and support so-called abortion “rights” for the 170 million Americans living in those states. 

“The Alliance is a non-partisan coalition of 21 Governors committed to protecting and expanding reproductive freedom in their states, the largest such coalition ever convened. The Alliance will work together to strengthen reproductive freedom in the face of an unprecedented assault on abortion access and other forms of reproductive health care by states hostile to abortion rights and judges who are advancing their ideological agenda. All Governors who support reproductive freedom are welcome to join the Alliance,” reads the announcement by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office. Newsom went on to call the initiative “a moral obligation” and a “firewall” to protect “fundamental rights.”

The announcement also notes that the initial funding for the effort came from the California Wellness Foundation and the Rosenberg Foundation, two non-profits that often fund public health efforts.

Organizers plan to share “model statutory language and executive orders protecting abortion access, ways to protect abortion providers from prosecution, strategies to maximize federal financing for reproductive health care such as birth control, and support for manufacturers of abortion medication and contraceptives that face potential new restrictions from conservatives,” according to AP News.

The alliance also aims to ensure abortion services for U.S. citizens living in states with strong pro-life laws.

Many of the governors’ offices in the alliance also started working with advocacy groups that support the abortion industry, such as Faith in Public Life, a progressive faith-based organization.

Women facing crisis pregnancies deserve real help and real options, not increased access to a traumatic procedure that leaves them dealing with shame and regret for the rest of their lives. Women should be encouraged to achieve their academic or career goals while raising their children, because they are capable of both. Unfortunately, our governor is intent on degrading women by insisting that they need abortion to succeed.

While Democrats work tirelessly to make abortion the easiest an solution to an unplanned pregnancy, pro-lifers should do their part to support pregnancy centers and women in need. Hearts and minds are transformed by individual interactions, and despite deeply concerning legislation, pro-lifers still have the power to save lives.