What the Heck: Whoopi, The Best Women Are Men, And Capitalist Chicken Sandwiches

Written by Peter Heck

I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t know Whoopi Goldberg was even back on the daytime gab fest The View. Last I had heard, she was sidelined after making foolish and racially buffoonish comments about the Holocaust. But apparently that was like a year ago. Time flies when you’re doing anything but watching The View, I guess.

Anyway, it’s nice to see that she’s been back making a fool of herself over other topics she knows nothing about as well. The latest?

I am legitimately curious if there really are people out there that watch this show because they think it’s informative and helpful. While there’s nothing remotely entertaining about their banter to me, I can respect that perhaps others find it to be fun or enjoyable to see them go at each other, or their guests. But everyone has to know that these women all suffer from a painful illiteracy of seemingly every subject they address, right?

Chemical abortion is incredibly dangerous, and the states that haven’t taken steps to regulate or eliminate the haphazard distribution of them to young, vulnerable women are the ones who deserve scrutiny. The bloodlust is real on the Left when it comes to abortion, and contrary to Whoopi’s understanding, there are far more than just old, white men who are grossed out by it.

Meanwhile, I see that it’s not just high school and college athletics where the current administration wants to see women lose accolades and awards to men; they include matters of statecraft as well. This last week Team Biden and the U.S. State Department honored a man who goes by Alba Rueda with an “International Women of Courage” award.

That’s bad enough, but to do it on International Women’s Day was particularly rude. Going back to the previous story, one of the biggest piles of horse manure regularly shoveled into society’s lap is the premise that the modern Democrat Party is a safe place for females.

If they aren’t wanting life-threateningly dangerous drugs mailed out like candy to vulnerable women, they are nominating Supreme Court justices that can’t even define what a woman is, and holding elaborate ceremonies to declare that some of the world’s most courageous women are actually men. The patriarchy never had better friends.

Finally, I’m not sure who started circulating this meme, but you can’t convince me it wasn’t a committed free-marketeer totally trolling the commies. Granted, if it was, they scored big time as social media socialists started circulating this image apparently not realizing it was the biggest self-own of the year:

Yep, you got us guys.

Capitalism does generate 12 incredible versions of a chicken sandwich, each of which has a unique and amazing taste that appeals to the masses.

And wait until you hear what free markets can do to a slab of beef.

Now, I suppose it’s only fair to mention that the old Soviet communist paradise did offer its citizens a couple different styles of moldy bread if they were willing to wait in a 2-hour line to get it.

The thing is that free markets are far from perfect. There are plenty of reasonable angles from which to attack capitalist systems. But the incredible variety and quantity of chicken sandwiches? Yeah, that’s not one of them.

Peter Heck is a writer, speaker, and teacher from Indiana. He is married to Jenny, and is the father of three kids. Peter holds to the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture in his teaching and writing, and has a passion for biblical literacy and for demonstrating the Bible’s applicability to all of life. 

Peter is the lead opinion writer for “Not the Bee.” His opinions have also been published in the Washington Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. A former radio host, Peter produces a daily podcast and has authored a number of books on Christians and the culture.