SPOTLIGHT: Creation Science and The Christian

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

Self Evident’s Jenna Smith co-hosts this week’s episode of Spotlight with David Smith to converse with two special guests about the importance of Scripture and the necessity of knowing the Creator.

One of these special guests is Eric Hovind, the President and Founder of Creation Today, an organization based in Pensacola, Florida. Eric has a deep passion to reach people with the life-changing message of the Gospel and this has driven him to speak in five foreign countries and all fifty states. He is passionate about educating people about the truth of God’s Word though experts in science who are able to combat the lies of evolution and humanism. This organization accurately answers the question of how science and the Bible come together.

Spotlight’s second guest, Helmut Welke, is the President of Quad City Creation Science Association. Founded in 2008, they are dedicated to “using the sciences to spread the truth of the Scriptures and special creation.” Helmut Welke is also a member of the Creation Research Society and has been named an Ambassador/Speaker for Logos Research Associates.

This is an interview you will not want to miss. Listen to Illinois Family Spotlight episode #349 anywhere you find podcasts or click the link below.

Check out Eric Hovind’s organization, Creation Today, by clicking HERE.

Check out Helmut Welke’s organization, Quad City Creation Science Association, by clicking HERE.