Illinois House Democrat Aides Illegally Vote on Legislation

Written by Gabriel Syme 

The Pulitzer Prize winning author, Studs Terkel once wrote, “Chicago is not the most corrupt American city…it is the most theatrically corrupt!” The same can unfortunately be said about the state of Illinois as a whole.

Earlier this month, Democrats in the Illinois House tried to take that corrupt Chicago Way to a new theatrical level while trying to pass legislation late at night. Because Democrat members, one by one, went home or slipped out of the chamber, they did not have the 60-vote majority they needed to pass legislation this late at night. What did they do? They let legislative staff members vote on bills.

That is illegal.

In the video below, State Representative Jed Davis (R-Yorkville) also explains how the Democrats intentionally played both sides of the issue in an attempt to quash Republican opposition. One Democrat pretends to be against a bill, thereby stealing the allotted debate time from Republicans, and then proceeds to vote for the bill he rose in opposition to!

Republican Patrick Windhorst (R-Harrisburg) calls for a verification of the vote, and lo and behold, those who pretended to be against the bill were nowhere to be found so the bill died in the chamber.

Watch the video below and share this with your Illinois friends and neighbors:

Friends, the devil is a deceiver, and so are those who belong to him. We need to pray for our lawmakers in Springfield to have the courage to expose the vast corruption within our state legislature and continue to stand for decency against the corrupt Democrat juggernaut that dominates the Land of Lincoln!

Get out and vote on April 4th!