Headline Misleads About Mary Miller and Jim Marter

Written by David E. Smith and Paul Hurst

The Daily Herald newspaper recently published an article about Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-15th) and her endorsement of Congressional Candidate Jim Marter, who is running as a Republican for the 14th Congressional District in the western and southwestern suburbs of Chicagoland. Upon receiving a Marter for Congress press release about the endorsement, the Daily Herald took the occasion to drudge up a previously debunked attack-narrative against Miller, by referring to her as a “Hitler quoting lawmaker.” The headline was referencing a speech given in early 2021 by Miller in which she made the obvious point that harmful people will try to get what they want politically, through our children.

The fact that Hitler said this, is proof positive of the danger and it made sense to quote perhaps the most infamous propagandist of all time, as an illustration that evil forces do indeed seek to propagandize our children. That was the point of her comments and she made the point very effectively in her speech. You can watch the speech segment here:

To imply that the comments somehow supported Hitler is irresponsible fiction and what the Marter campaign rightfully labeled as “fake news.” We might add to that, “old news” as the speech took place in January 2021 and it’s merit in today’s news cycle is curious to say the least. The Marter campaign said they reminded the author that, “The Bible quotes Satan. It doesn’t mean it endorses his platform!” Good point!

Both Miller and Marter have been very supportive of the Jewish Community and Israel and stand against anti-Semitism in either party. Marter’s previous press releases are easily accessible on his website (marter4congress.us) where you can see he has:

  • Called out Democrat Representative Lauren Underwood (the Democratic incumbent) for her silence on anti-Semitic comments (and polices) by U.S. Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)
  • Opposed a Palestinian Consulate in Jerusalem
  • Called for the list of WWII War Criminals to be released
  • Condemned donations to Underwood from socialist George Soros and his family

Congresswoman Mary Miller has already received the endorsement of Illinois Family Action. Below is the press release from the Marter Campaign about her endorsement of him for Congress, which sparked the Daily Herald article:

Jim Marter for Congress Announces Major Endorsement: Freedom Caucus Congresswoman, Illinois’ Mary Miller

Oswego, IL (March 10, 2022) – “I’m excited and grateful to have Congresswoman Mary Miller’s endorsement. She’s one of the shining stars representing Illinois because of her leadership, intelligence and courage. I’m grateful for both her public service and her endorsement,” said Jim Marter, running to unseat Lauren Underwood in IL-14.

“Mary is a fighter for protecting the vote and protecting our freedoms. We share a passion for securing the border, lowering inflation, defending workers against government overreach and defending children against indoctrination. That’s just scratching the surface. My campaign has been about shared values with the Freedom Caucus and I can assure you, the people of Illinois’ 14th District will be sending her reinforcements to battle the Biden agenda, when they send me to Congress.”

“Elections have consequences and if we increase the number of America First conservatives in Congress, we can return to energy independence, functional supply chains, increased opportunity and a thriving economy. We just need to replace people with radical leftist ideas like Lauren Underwood, with people of courage and principle. Mary Miller has inspired me with her leadership and I will keep my word to the people of my district and ‘do what I said’ which is the Freedom Caucus motto.”

Jim Marter has deep roots in the 14th District. His home, business, family, church and community-service are centered in Kendall County, where he’s the current and twice elected Chairman of the Kendall County GOP. He was recently appointed as the GOP’s State Central Committee Deputy for the 14th Congressional District and since announcing his run for Congress, he has been endorsed by individuals with extensive experience in foreign policy, homeland security, education, immigration, law enforcement, tax-policy and religious freedom. Jim Marter’s endorsement list is regularly updated on his campaign website. A third round of endorsements is being released in the next few days, with the list now topping one hundred.

David Smith is the Executive Director of Illinois Family Action (IFA). Paul Hurst is a Christian husband, father, political activist and an IFA board member.