Dinora Ruiz: Candidate for the 86th Representative District

by John Lopez

The 86th District in the Illinois House is currently represented by Representative Larry Walsh, Jr. (D) who will seek reelection to a 7th term in November of 2022.  Walsh was appointed to the 86th District seat in 2012 when his predecessor resigned due to health reasons and has won ever since, and in 2020, did not face any opposition.

The district includes Joliet, Preston Heights, Elwood, Millsdale, Rockdale, and parts of Shorewood, Ingalls Park, Channahon, and Lorenzo.

Take ACTION:  Illinois Family Action encourages participation in the electoral process in the 86th Representative District. Specifically, we encourage those in the district to help Dinora Ruiz gather signatures on her nominating petitions before March 7th. If you are over 18 years old and can help get signatures, download her petitions HERE. You can contact Dinora’s campaign to let her know you’re helping: DinoraRuizforIllinois@gmail.com

Background on Dinora

Ruiz launched her campaign in early January through a YouTube video, with the following information:

My name is Dinora Ruiz and never has the importance of local elections been more apparent.

Here in Illinois we’ve seen parental rights undermined, the governors overreach of power, higher and higher food and gas prices, rise in crime, drug leniency, higher taxes and schools pushing ideas and curriculum that is anything but academic.  These are some reasons so many people keep leaving Illinois.

I’m so proud to live here in the 86th district of Illinois.  While other people across the state are leaving, people are moving here.

While businesses are closing, so many here are opening.  Here is an oasis from the corruption of Chicago and the burdens of Cook County.

Don’t get me wrong.  This is still Illinois and we have our own struggles.  Crime is rising and purchasing food has become a task of doing without and making a dollar stretch. Who will represent you in 2022?

It’s time that your voice is heard.  That the things that you cared about were understood.

-Limited government
-Lower taxes
-Pro life
-Pro second amendment

Seeing you is what gives me hope.

I’ve worked beside you, heard your stories, been welcomed into your home, joined you at rallies, served you in business and share the day-to-day struggles and triumphs of you and your families.

A postcard once a year to constituents, no accountability to voters, political dynasties, no availability to listen to us is someone we don’t need again.

The opportunity is here.  It is the job of the politicians in Springfield to make room for the hard-working people of Illinois to thrive.  Not to cause more heartache.

The time is now.

Paid for by Friends for Dinora Ruiz

The video can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here.

In a late January Facebook post, Ruiz shared additional information about herself:

  1. Seamstress by trade and a morning stocker by dawn.
  2. Studied midwifery and have been a doula for 8 births.
  3. Of Hispanic and Latin descent and is grateful for the sacrifices of grandparents and great grandparents made for her to be American.
  4. Grew up in Chicago and moved into the 86th District 5 years ago for more opportunity, less crime and less taxes.
  5. Love for God and country for Ruiz has only grown over the years.  From praying with her church family for revival, to walking the halls of the Illinois State Capitol lobbying for family values, the time to act is now!

“I am running for State Rep because I’ve seen the burden corrupt power-hungry politicians put on everyday Americans, because I am an everyday American.  I’ve experienced the joys of growing up in Illinois and I want to preserve that for future generations.”