Christian Conservatives Candidates Wanted, Needed

Written by David E. Smith

The self-government called for in the first sentence of the U.S. Constitution (“We the people”) doesn’t ever take a breather. With elections every two years in our state and nation, one election season ends and another begins. Primary election cycles give way to the General Election cycle whether in presidential years and elections for state constitutional offices or our local consolidated elections.

In the wake of two contrived impeachments against President Donald J. Trump and a contentious presidential election,  and as we are still in the midst of never-ending unilateral mandates from would-be tyrants and fearmongering from the media, Americans are fed up.

If that isn’t bad enough, “progressive” lawmakers are unremitting in advancing their agenda of changing America into a godless Marxist utopia. Fortunately, this past year we’ve seen parents across the nation rise up to protest the teaching of hate-America lessons through ideas derived from critical race theory (CRT). IFI’s Laurie Higgins has been warning about this threat to students and the country since 2009.

So how do we respond? First, we thank God Almighty that we still have political tools at our disposal. Second, we exercise those privileges and our God-given rights wherever and whenever we are able. How? By helping good candidates and their campaigns and/or by stepping up and running for political office. Yes, these political activities demand a good deal of energy and the assistance of friends and allies. But this is a small cost for freedom and the legacy we leave our grandchildren. Failing to engage at this moment in history means that we hand the reins of government over to godless activists dedicated to the destruction of our founding ideals.

To make matters worse, the Republican Party continues in its failure to recruit and get behind conservative candidates. This is why we are sending this alert today. We want to encourage good conservatives throughout the state of Illinois to consider how they can help bring back common sense to government.

You might think we’ve got a couple of months to make a decision here. Wrong. Would-be candidates are already preparing to circulate their petitions. In fact, the first day to circulate is January 13th and the last day to turn them in to the State Board of Elections is March 14th. The good news is that the signature requirement for candidates during this “pandemic” is one-third fewer than it has been in the past.

Many social conservatives have been less-than-happy (to say the least) about the candidates we’ve historically had on our ballots here in Illinois. We need to tap into that unhappiness by turning our focus to helping great candidates get elected to offices where a difference can be made.

This election year, the Primary has been pushed back to June 28th, which is followed by the General Election six months later, on November 8, 2022. Contested races are for offices such as county board, state representative and state senator, state constitutional offices, and the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.

If you are unable to run for office, we want to encourage you to find a candidate for whom you can cheerlead by either volunteering for their local campaign or lending them financial support.

Please also consider a donation to our Illinois Family Action PAC so we can assist candidates for local office. We have the opportunity not just to vote against candidates who have failed us but also to vote for candidates who share our values and who will not cave to the pressures of the radical Left.

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If you would like to learn more, please call us at (708) 781-9371.