SPOTLIGHT: David Shestokas To Run for Illinois Attorney General (Part 2)

Written by Jenna Smith

Welcome to part two of Monte Larrick’s conversation with David Shestokas, attorney and Republican candidate for Illinois Attorney General. In this Spotlight, the discussion turns to Governor Pritzker’s abuse of his emergency powers and executive orders – a deliberate overreach that has been enabled by the legislature’s abdication of their authority, as well as the failure of Kwame Raoul (the current Attorney General) to protect the public interests of the citizens of Illinois and to enforce the law set forth in the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act.

As counsel for Illinois Conservative Union, Mr. Shestokas speaks about ICU’s efforts to access Illinois voter rolls in a useable format in order to eliminate the graveyard constituency and ensure election integrity. Mr. Shestokas also presents his position on parental rights, homeschooling, Christian private school education, and government school indoctrination.

For more information about David Shestokas and his campaign for Attorney General, click here. You can follow him on Twitter @shestokas, on Facebook in the public group Dave Shestokas on the Constitution, and at his Facebook page David J. Shestokas, Attorney at Law.

Mr. Shestokas’s books, Constitutional Soundbites and Creating the Declaration of Independence, are available through Amazon.