Illinois Polling Data Reveals Common Sense Values

Written By Calvin Lindstrom

In early March 2021, IFI partnered with several other groups to commission a poll of 600 registered Illinois voters who were not employed by any political campaign. Nine questions were asked of the respondents along with eight demographic questions. The results are enlightening.

Of those surveyed only 34% attended church weekly or more than once a week. In terms of political affiliation, 42% identified as Democrat, 20% Independent, and 32% Republican. And in terms of race, Hispanics comprised 6%, blacks 14%, and whites 75% of those polled, which reflects Illinois population demographics*.

Democrats, the vast majority of whom are far leftists, control this state with very little opposition from the Republican party. The surprising poll results on several key issues should lead the GOP to reevaluate their weak or non-existent opposition, at least on these issues:

  • 78% favor keeping the Illinois tax credit scholarship program (Invest in Kids) which Gov. Pritzker has called a tax loophole.
  • 85% support public schools providing private bathrooms for boys and girls.
  • 72% were in favor of the parental notification of abortion law that requires a parent or guardian to be notified before a minor girl obtains an abortion. (This is very significant especially since only 37% of those polled identified as pro-life. Even many pro-choice voters think this law makes sense.)

Unfortunately, either the Illinois legislature and governor are not hearing from most constituents in Illinois, or they don’t care what the majority think on these issues.

Conservatives who love Illinois have a lot of hard work to do. On some of these important issues, we represent the majority position, so we must persevere in expressing our views to our lawmakers and our fellow Illinoisans.

Consider how you can help stop the overthrow of the Invest in Kids program, the repeal of parental notification for abortions, and the eradication of sex-designated bathrooms and locker rooms in our schools.

If we are going to see any true political reform in our state, the Republican Party must become a party that supports life, defines and defends traditional marriage, protects the rights of children, and supports true choice in education.

Now is not the time to be silent in the face of the cultural revolution that is destroying America. Now is the time to speak truth.


World Population Review Illinois:

White: 71.53%
Black: 14.2%
Other races: 5.93%
Asian: 5.47% (totals 97.13%)


White: 71.3%
Black or African American: 14.2%
Hispanic or Latino: 17% (totals more than 100%)


Census Reporter

White: 61%
Black: 14%
Hispanic: 17%
Asian: 6% (totals 98%)



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