Don’t Let the Cancel Culture Take Down State Representative Chris Miller

Written by David E. Smith

Chris and Mary Miller are perhaps the most conservative elected Republican lawmakers in the state of Illinois. Inevitably, this makes them prime targets of the Left’s hate-and-smear machine.

Chris Miller is a state representative serving the 110th District at the Capitol in Springfield since 2019. His wife Mary Miller is a freshman Congresswoman serving the 15th District at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. They are a hardworking Christian couple who have raised seven children, operate a family ranch and farm, and are well-respected leaders in their local church and community. They are also the proud grandparents of 17 grandchildren.

Earlier this year, the Left worked overtime to gin up faux-outrage about a speech made by Mary Miller. No sooner had their hysterical attacks against Congresswoman Miller died down, then they turned their assault machine against her husband, passing a resolution condemning him for attending the January 6th Save America Rally in Washington D.C. This resolution was introduced by “progressive” caucus leader State Representative Bob Morgan (D-Deerfield) and was passed Thursday with a partisan vote of 57 to 36 (with 5 voting present).

During the short debate on the Illinois House floor (see video below), Morgan accused Miller of going to Washington D.C. to participate in an “insurrection” at the United States Capitol. This wild and paranoid speculation is not supported by the evidence.

Based on my personal knowledge of the Miller family, I know that Chris Miller was in Washington D.C. to support his newly elected wife through inauguration and to get situated for life in the Beltway. The fact that Mary Miller was scheduled to speak to a “Moms for America” group on January 5th was just another opportunity to support and encourage pro-Trump conservatives. Furthermore, I know that neither violence nor storming the Capitol building was on their radar.

Left-wing activists and their allies in the media refuse to acknowledge the truth that the Save America Rally and the storming of the Capitol building were two separate incidents with some participant overlap. To suggest that they were one event is intellectually dishonest disinformation.

Outrageously, in the House floor presentation of his anti-Miller resolution (HR 132), Morgan doubles down on the lie that Mary “praised Adolf Hitler” in her speech. The truth is that the Congresswoman quoted Hitler to warn a group of mothers about destructive influences affecting the hearts and minds of our children. Any other interpretation of her words is yet another dishonest attempt to bully clear-thinking conservatives into submission.

State Representative Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) isn’t buying the fake news. Troubled with Morgan’s deceptive resolution, he sent me this statement:

The Democrats have again shown that they are willing to promote lies in an effort to gain some perceived political advantage when they supported Rep. Morgan’s slanderous resolution. The good people of Illinois deserve to know the truth and must reject the Democrats’ politics of personal destruction. We can do better and should not allow people like Rep. Morgan to represent us in Springfield.

Morgan’s grossly unjust resolution claims that Miller violated his oaths to the U.S. and Illinois constitutions by “actively and publicly promoting the actions of an internationally recognized para-military hate group,” for displaying a decal on his truck. That decal was the Three Percenters logo, which many Americans believe represents patriotism, love of country, the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

Left-wing groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) call them “extremists,” and a “hate group.” These labels are barely recognizable as applied. We know all too well that the dubious worldview of Leftists like the “Progressive Caucus,” the ADL, and the SPLC includes a warped understanding of traditional Christian values, patriotism and 2nd Amendment rights.

The definitions of “hate groups” and “extremists” by ADL and SPLC are more than suspect, and Christian conservatives have many good reasons to dismiss their claims as ridiculous. The fact that SPLC has labeled Illinois Family Institute (IFI) and other Christian pro-family groups like American Family Association (AFA), Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom and the Ruth Institute as “hate” groups, lumping all of us in with sinful supremist groups like the KKK, clearly proves their lack of credibility.

Yet this raises some questions: If a conservative state lawmaker were to put an AFA or an IFI decal on his or her personal vehicle, would Bob Morgan and his friends in the “progressive” caucus file a complaint against that lawmaker with the Office of the Legislative Inspector General? Possibly. Would sporting an ACLU or Human Rights Campaign decal initiate a similar debate, resolution and/or complaint? I doubt it.

Morgan’s reckless resolution nonsensically claims that Miller’s activities “has created an environment that potentially threatens not only the sanctity of the Illinois General Assembly but also the safety of the members and their staff.” The “sanctity” of the Illinois General Assembly? Surely Morgan’s nose grew just a little for using the word “sanctity” when describing the General Assembly of a state as corrupt as Illinois, run for decades by corrupt Democrats.

Moreover, everyone who knows Rep. Miller knows he is an unashamedly pro-life Christian who believes every human is made in the image of God. His political philosophy is informed by his orthodox Christian theology. For Morgan to assert that Miller threatens the “safety of the members and their staff” at the Capitol demonstrates Morgan’s ignorance of conservative beliefs.

Make no mistake, the Millers are being targeted because they are Christian conservatives who boldly profess Jesus Christ and uphold His Word. This attack is based on their worldview and the pro-family, small government principles they champion. Progressives are intent on tearing these things down in order to usher in their dystopian view of big government

With the passage of this resolution last week, Rep. Morgan and his “progressive” allies have set the groundwork to expel (impeach) Chris Miller from the Illinois General Assembly. In addition to HR 132, Morgan also filed a “formal complaint” with the Illinois Legislative Inspector General to investigate Miller’s “misconduct.”

Take ACTION:  Let Rep. Morgan know what you think of this hateful and false resolution. His email address is and his district office phone number is (847) 780-8471.

More ACTION: You may also want to encourage Rep. Miller by letting him know you support his conservative stand and let him know you are praying for him. His email is and his district office phone number is (217) 558-1040.


“Anti-Chris Miller” Resolution (HR 132)
March 18, 2021 Illinois House Floor Debate

The transcript of this debate can be downloaded HERE.

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