SPOTLIGHT: “Comply, Conform, or Consequences”

Written by David E. Smith

The Democratic Party is firmly in control of both federal and Illinois government – now what do we do? Former Illinois state representative, Jeanne Ives, addresses that question in part two of our Spotlight conversation (listen to part one here). We discuss an alarming proposal by liberal, secular Democrats to “restore constitutional secularism and patriotic pluralism” and Jeanne details how we can and must fight against this assault on religious freedom.

In light of voting irregularities in Illinois, we also talk about election fraud and changes to the voting process, and stress the need to educate the electorate on public policy and leftists’ efforts to weaken laws that protect life.

Jeanne Ives is a former Illinois state representative, former congressional and gubernatorial candidate, and a principled Illinois conservative. You can interact with her on social media through Facebook, MeWe, Gab, and Parler.

The Secular Democrats for America’s 28-page proposal for President Joe Biden can be found here.  Information about 2nd Vote can be found here.