SPOTLIGHT: Jeanne Ives on the Importance of the Lesser Magistrate

Written by David E. Smith

Where do we go from here? Our state is currently suffocating under the weight of massive debt and failed Democratic policies. Yet, former state representative Jeanne Ives says there is hope for Illinois conservatives. She suggests the Republican Party focus on promoting truth, electing conservatives to local governing bodies and boards, and insisting on competency from candidates and government – some TLC, if you will. Jeanne also details the three big issues on which Republicans must stand in unity and gives insight on the compensation Illinois taxpayers pay our public “servants” (warning, you might need to monitor your blood pressure).

After the break, the conversation turns to former Illinois House speaker, Michael Madigan, and his successor, far-left progressive, Chris Welch. Jeanne relates her interactions with Welch and his indebtedness to the Black Caucus. She also discusses a potential shift in the balance of power within the General Assembly, the need for strong GOP leadership and a true opposition party, and shares her criteria for the new Illinois Republican Party chairman. As the podcast concludes, Jeanne, Monte, and I examine the negative effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on Illinoisans and our economy as a result of Governor Pritzker’s illegally extended, emergency power mandate.

Jeanne Ives is a former Illinois state representative, former congressional and gubernatorial candidate, and a principled Illinois conservative. You can interact with her on social media through Facebook, Gab, and Parler.

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