You Can’t Make this Stuff Up!

Written by Micah Clark

Former South Bend Mayor, and Democrat presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg is the perfect politician to take a better job in the DC swamp. He is the epitome of everything that is wrong with politics and why Americans are cynical regarding our government.

This would be humorous, were it not true.

As you know, “Mayor Pete” has been named by Joe Biden as his choice to head the U.S. Department of Transportation. Only in government can you fail at your job and get a major promotion, giving you more money and more power to continue in your lack of achievement.

It turns out that as Mayor of South Bend, road potholes were such a terrible problem that it was the number one campaign issue of Buttigieg’s successor. Potholes were so bad, and unfixed by the city, that local Domino’s Pizza stores began to raise money to fix them.

The year before the Mayor left office, the South Bend Tribune declared that their city had “the worst pothole situation in the state.”   Local automotive repair shops told the newspaper that the city’s potholes were the worst they had seen in 10 years and that every day they have customers lined up for repairs to their cars after hitting a South Bend pothole.  (The city admitted that they had 22,000 potholes!)

But you know whose street didn’t have potholes?  You guessed it, Mayor Pete’s!  In 2017, top aides to Mayor Buttigieg expressed interest in having the road in front of Buttigieg’s house repaved, though it was not initially slated for repavement by the city.  Emails obtained by the Free Beacon found that Mayor Buttigieg’s chief of staff had expressed concern to the roads department that the Mayor’s road was not on the maintenance list.  Ten days later, the unscheduled road was paved.

One of the problems with government is that unlike the private sector where there are financial consequences for mediocrity, so many appointments are made in D.C. not based upon successes, but upon politics.

Rather than ask “who is the best qualified for this position?” Joe Biden seems to be looking first at filing his politically correct check boxes for things like skin color, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Have you noticed how the media has been making a big deal of these externals with Biden’s appointments?

Mayor Pete’s appointment seems to be more based upon his LGBT lifestyle, or appeasing his political base, than his success in managing roads and transportation. Head of the Department of Transportation? He couldn’t seem to manage 22,000 potholes, but 55,000 U.S. DOT employees? Well, sure, why not?  

This article was originally published by AFA of Indiana.