IFA Endorsements for the 2020 General Election

Written by David E. Smith

The November 3rd election is upon us! Prior to going to the polls, make sure that you know where your candidates stand on the issues: religious liberty, the sanctity of life, the Green New Deal, gasoline tax increase, Medicaid abortion coverage and much more! For more information, please review the Illinois Family Institute’s Voting Resources page before casting your ballot.

We don’t have to remind our readers how critically important it is to exercise your civic duty to vote and be good stewards of God’s amazing gift of self-government. We the people have the responsibility of selecting honest, wise and God-fearing people to represent us locally, in Springfield and in Washington D.C.

If you will be out of town, are disabled, or have a busy schedule, you may want to consider the “vote by mail” option. Upon request, your local county clerk will send any qualified registered voter a ballot by mail. There is simply no excuse for not voting in this election!

Every election is critical for the direction of life, marriage, religious liberty and a host of other family issues, but none as much as this one.

We support these candidates because they have articulated a personal commitment to pro-life and pro-marriage principles, or have a proven public voting record that demonstrates a commitment to these bedrock principles.

We encourage you to pray for each of these candidates, their families and campaigns.  It is not an easy endeavor to run for public office.

Federal Races:

President of the U.S. — Donald J. Trump

U.S. Senate – Mark Curran

U.S. House Dist. 1 – Philanise White

U.S. House Dist. 2 – Theresa Raborn

U.S. House Dist. 3 – Mike Fricilone

U.S. House Dist. 6 – Jeanne Ives

U.S. House Dist. 9 – Sargis Sangari

U.S. House Dist. 11 – Rick Laib

U.S. House Dist. 12 – Mike Bost

U.S. House Dist. 13 – Rodney Davis

U.S. House Dist. 14 – Jim Oberweis

U.S. House Dist. 15 – Mary Miller

U.S. House Dist. 16 – Adam Kinzinger

U.S. House Dist. 17 – Esther Joy King

U.S. House Dist. 18 – Darin LaHood

Illinois State Senate:

State Senate Dist. 25 – Jeanette Ward

State Senate Dist. 31 – Chris Kasperski

State Senate Dist. 34 – Paul Hoffman

State Senate Dist. 37 – Win Stoller 

State Senate Dist. 40 – Eric Wallace

State Senate Dist. 43 – Ben Bierly

State Senate Dist. 46 – Mary Burress

State Senate Dist. 49 – Thomas McCullagh

State Senate Dist. 55 – Darren Bailey

Illinois State House:

State Rep. Dist. 17 – Yesoe Yoon

State Rep. Dist. 35 – Herbert Hebein

State Rep. Dist. 37 – Tim Ozinga

State Rep. Dist. 38 – Max Solomon

State Rep. Dist. 42 – Amy Grant

State Rep. Dist. 48 – Peter Breen

State Rep. Dist. 49 – Laura Curtis

State Rep. Dist. 52 – Martin McLaughlin

State Rep. Dist. 54 – Thomas Morrison

State Rep. Dist. 64 – Tom Weber

State Rep. Dist. 65 – Dan Ugaste

State Rep. Dist. 68 – John Cabello

State Rep. Dist. 69 – Joe Sosnowski

State Rep. Dist. 71 – Tony McCombie

State Rep. Dist. 74 –  Daniel Swanson

State Rep. Dist. 76 –  Travis Breeden

State Rep. Dist. 88 –  Keith Sommer

State Rep. Dist. 89 –  Andrew Chesney

State Rep. Dist. 93 – Norine Hammond

State Rep. Dist. 95 – Avery Bourne

State Rep. Dist. 97 – Mark Batinick

State Rep. Dist. 102 – Brad Halbrook

State Rep. Dist. 107 – Blaine Wilhour

State Rep. Dist. 109 – Adam Niemerg

State Rep. Dist. 110 – Chris Miller

State Rep. Dist. 111 – Amy Elik

State Rep. Dist. 113 – Ryan Musick 

State Rep. Dist. 114 – David Barnes

State Rep. Dist. 115 – Paul Jacobs

State Rep. Dist. 116 – David Friess

Illinois Supreme Court:

3rd Judicial DistrictVote NO to Retain Justice Tom Kilbride

5th Judicial DistrictDavid Overstreet (Don’t Overlook This Key Judicial Race)

Judicial Guide:

Cook, Will and DuPage Counties

The following candidates fell short of earning an IFA-pac endorsement in this election cycle, however, the board of directors have decided to recommend them to voters in these districts:


State Senate Dist. 10 – Anthony Beckman

State Rep. Dist. 19 – Jeff Muehlfelder

State Rep. Dist. 66 – Allen Skillicorn

State Rep. Dist. 73 – Ryan Spain

State Rep. Dist. 94 – Randy Frese

State Rep. Dist. 100 – C.D. Davidsmeyer

Vote “NO” to retain Justice Tom Kilbride if you live in the 3rd Supreme Court Judicial District. Read more HERE.


Voter Guide

For more vitally important information, please see IFI’s (updated) election resources HERE. You can also view and download the IFI Presidential Voter Guide HERE.

Party Platform Differences

If you are interested in learning about some of the stark differences between the Republican and Democratic Party Platforms, please click HERE(They are also available as brochures. Email Kathy Valente to order in bulk.) This publication features a comparison of 6 issues from the Democratic and Republican Platforms, using their own words. These are for educational purposes only and are legal for churches to distribute under IRS guidelines. Spanish version HERE.

General Election Voting Schedule

Looking for a schedule for early voting, vote by mail, and more? Please click HERE.

What is “The Fair Tax” Amendment?

Voters will be asked to approve a “Fair Tax” Amendment on the November 3rd ballot. State Representative Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) calls it “The Progressive Punishment Tax” in an article for IFA. We also recommend this op/ed published in the Chicago TribuneCommentary: A 60% tax hike on Illinois’ richest won’t be a free lunch for the rest of us.

The Illinois Policy Institute provides additional reasons to vote against this referendum HERE and HERE.

HELP: Our get-out-the-vote campaign is up and running.
We are distributing the IFI Voter Guide to hundreds of churches and civic groups. 

Please support our endeavor to educate voters and promote Christian family values.