For Illinois Families, a NO Vote to Retain Justice Kilbride is Critical 

Written by Jon A. Zahm

As pro-family conservatives, we know that the judiciary is of vital importance in our day-to- day lives. For example, we have seen courts recently elevate casinos to greater importance than churches. We have seen biological males granted full access to female locker rooms, bathrooms, and team sports in our public schools. And we all know how our country was forever changed by 7 U.S. Supreme Court Justices one day in 1973.

In Illinois there are 7 Supreme Court Justices. Three are elected from Cook County. As you can imagine, all 3 are Chicago Democrats. Justice Anne Burke is married to indicted corruption-plagued Ed Burke, a Chicago Alderman first elected in 1969.

Three are elected from the suburbs and downstate, and are currently held by Republicans.

But the 3rd Judicial District, a swath of 21 counties in central Illinois, is held by Democrat Tom Kilbride. You can see the 21 counties and some more context on this issue at this link to the Tazewell County GOP.

Kilbride was first elected to a 10-year term in November, 2000. When he ran again in 2010, he received 65.88% of the vote for another 10 years. Sixty percent is required for retention. Now he wants 10 more years to serve until 2030.

We know his record on term limits because he voted against allowing a citizen driven term limit petition in 2014 to get the ballot due to a technicality, despite having over 600,000 signatures filed. Even worse, Kilbride was part of a 4-3 Democrat party line vote to kill a “Fair Map” Amendment in 2016 from reaching the ballot. That greatly-needed reform would have created a non-partisan committee to draw political districts rather than the party in control.

The largest funder of Kilbride’s campaigns has always been Illinois Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago), now implicated in the $200 million ComEd bribes for jobs/rate increase scheme. Madigan has been in office since 1971 and has been the longest serving House Speaker in the history of the United States – 35 years. Madigan-controlled funds have supplied Kilbride with approximately $4 million in funding so far.

Madigan not only controls the district maps and the courts, but he maintains super-majorities in the legislature that provide him with the power to pass outrageous legislation like the “Reproductive Health Care Act” that allows the killing of a baby up to the moment of birth at 9 months. His control also prevents solid pro-family bills from being heard in committee.

A Kilbride 4-3 majority also eliminated reasonable caps on damages in personal injury lawsuits, crippling businesses and doctors, often forcing them to relocate, cut back, or close. A review of his 20-year record shows Kilbride is a rock solid vote for the unions and trial lawyers who fund him, not for the doctors, patients, taxpayers, and business owners hurt by his judicial votes.

If Kilbride fails to get 60% of the vote for retention, the Court will be deadlocked at 3-3 until the 2022 election, unless the Court appoints a tie-breaking member.

Note: Republican Justice Michael Burke needs to be retained in District 2 and Republican David Overstreet in District 5. With the 3rd District having become more Republican in recent years (Trump won by 4 points in 2016), we can expect a conservative pro-family Republican to have a great chance of election in 2022.

For more information, or to volunteer to spread the word, please e-mail me, or like, share and private message the Vote NO Kilbride Facebook page. This is a race we can win. And win it we must. Thank you and God Bless you and your family.

We urge you to pray for our state and nation, for our local elected officials,
as well as those who serve in Springfield and Washington D.C.

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