IFA Endorses Jeanne Ives in the 6th Congressional District

Written by David E. Smith

The 6th Congressional District has a remarkable candidate in Jeanne Ives–the kind of candidate conservatives have desperately wanted.

We’ve spent months investigating the candidates running for state and federal office. We have emailed/messaged them, compiled voter guide surveys, reviewed their web sites and social media, analyzed voting records, compiled public statements, and met with many of them. Our endorsements are based on the top-tier issues that matter to pro-life/pro-family voters.

Therefore, the IFA Board of Directors and staff enthusiastically endorse Jeanne Ives in the 6th Congressional District. We know from her time in the Illinois General Assembly that Mrs. Ives will stand up to the Left’s smears and tactics and will work diligently to turn Illinois around. Mrs. Ives is a transparent, knowledgeable, and effective candidate who will fight for Illinois families and uphold Judeo-Christian values. (Read more HERE.)

She is the real deal–a fiscal and social conservative–and one with integrity, steadfastness, and courage. When she served in Springfield, she was among the very few Republicans who stood for then entire Republican Platform even when RINO colleagues abandoned those parts that are politically difficult.

Jeanne Ives is running against the far left Sean Casten who has proven himself unworthy of the office, particularly through his open admiration for the obscene, anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage. Casten endorses every far left policy. If elected, he will work tirelessly to increase taxes, regulate businesses, and make America oil-dependent again. He will support the goals of BLM and Antifa, which will destroy our foundational principles and further divide Americans.

We urge you to vote for Jeanne Ives (and Mark Curran for U.S. Senate) in the upcoming November 3rd General Election.

Voter Guide

For more vitally important information, please see IFI’s (updated) election resources HERE. You can also view and download the IFI Presidential Voter Guide HERE.

Party Platform Differences

If you are interested in learning about some of the stark differences between the Republican and Democratic Party Platforms, please click HERE(They are also available as brochures. Email Kathy Valente to order in bulk.) This publication features a comparison of 6 issues from the Democratic and Republican Platforms, using their own words. These are for educational purposes only and are legal for churches to distribute under IRS guidelines. Spanish version HERE.

General Election Voting Schedule

Looking for a schedule for early voting, vote by mail, and more? Please click HERE.

What is “The Fair Tax” Amendment?

Voters will be asked to approve a “Fair Tax” Amendment on the November 3rd ballot. State Representative Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) calls it “The Progressive Punishment Tax” in an article for IFA. We also recommend this op/ed published in the Chicago TribuneCommentary: A 60% tax hike on Illinois’ richest won’t be a free lunch for the rest of us.

The Illinois Policy Institute provides additional reasons to vote against this referendum HERE and HERE.

A Short Video Message

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