Traitorous Pat Brady Endorses Sean Casten in the 6th Congressional District

Written by Laurie Higgins

U.S. Representative Sean Casten (D) who is running against the outstanding Jeanne Ives (R) in the 6th Congressional District just revealed how unprincipled he is by releasing two new campaign ads featuring the ethically vacuous viper Pat Brady. Those who know Brady’s history will gripe that “viper” is too kind a term. I completely agree, but I try to avoid those more fitting terms.

Brady is the disgraced, duplicitous former Illinois Republican Party chairman who, before Illinois legalized same-sex “marriages,” skulked around Springfield, secretly trying to convince Republicans to vote in favor of the law that recognizes non-marital unions as marriages. Once ousted from his position as chairman, the ACLU hired him to lobby Republicans to support same-sex faux-marriage. Brady is one of the reasons why the Republican Party in Illinois—with a few stellar exceptions—became such a weak, feckless, compromised party.

Casten is unprincipled in that his two spanking new campaign ads featuring the amoral Brady imply that Brady is a Republican who won’t support Ives. Since lying comes as easy to Brady as touting vulgar people comes to Casten, Brady refers to himself as a “lifelong Republican,” when in reality he was a lifelong RINO and is a current de facto liberal.

So, Casten’s ads feature a former RINO/current traitor endorsing Sean Casten.

Jeanne Ives’ campaign should thank Creepy Casten and quisling Brady.

Brady describes Casten as a “good man.” Lol. Perhaps in the world where vipers live, and move, and have their being, Casten—who is inspired by the hateful, angry, obscene Dan Savage—is a good man, but that world is called the Upside Down.

In the world of truly good men, someone who is inspired by Dan Savage is an indecent man—a man not unlike Sean Casten and Pat Brady.

The hateful, angry, pompous, quisling Pat Brady called one of Ives’ gubernatorial campaign ads “hate-filled” and angry.  Why? Because it satirically criticized the tyrannical, anti-woman, anti-science “trans” cult. That’s right. Brady who snuck around behind the backs of Illinois Republicans trying to convince Republican lawmakers to support the redefinition of marriage takes umbrage at criticism of the “trans” cult that is sterilizing and mutilating children.

There are things about which decent people should be angry, but neither Brady nor Casten know what they are.

In 2016, when it was discovered that Brady was sneaking around again like the quisling he is trying to change the marriage plank in IL’s GOP platform, I sent him this:

Do not replace the marriage plank with the proposed RINO/Libertarian plank that disrespects the view that marriage has an intrinsic nature and that children have an intrinsic right to be raised by a mother and a father whenever possible. The language in this pernicious proposed plank necessarily endorses the legal recognition of plural unions. Evidently, the RINOS/Libertarians on the committee have no understanding of the essential role marriage has in the health and survival of any society. Mr. Brady, you’ve done enough damage to IL.

Brady—the man so deeply fretful about hatred and anger—replied, “F*ck u.”

Yes, this is who Casten trots out to shill for him.

Brady’s endorsement of Casten is really a campaign ad for Jeanne Ives.

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