Traitorous Mission of “Romney4Biden”

Written by Laurie Higgins

Not surprisingly, quisling Mitt Romney has spawned a quisling movement. Thirty-four quislings and quislingettes have started an organization called Quislings4Biden Romney4Biden. They use deceitful language in an attempt to ennoble their defection to the dark side of the Joe Biden campaign, which is operating fearfully from Biden’s darkened basement where the flickering light from his dimming mind slowly burns out.

In their mission statement, the quislings begin by blaming the deaths of Americans from the lethal virus whose escape from a Chinese Communist lab was concealed by the Chinese Communist government in cahoots with the World Health Organization so the Chinese Communists could scarf up PPE and ventilators before the rest of the world could get any.

Next, the quislings blame President Donald J. Trump for job losses that were inevitable but increased unnecessarily by Democrat governors’ draconian shut-downs.

Then the quislings point to polls indicating that the public, after suffering through the effects of the Chinese Communist pandemic and months of Democrat-created and supported riots, is unhappy with the direction of the country. The quislings imply without stating or proving that Trump is to blame for the unhappiness of these Americans.

THEN, the quislings suggest that Trump has been putting his “needs” above those of Americans, while Biden will “laser” focus on the needs of Americans:

With over 175,000 Americans dead from COVID-19, tens of millions unemployed, and 80 percent of voters convinced that the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction, we desperately need a president that’s laser focused on putting the nation’s needs ahead of his own.

The chutzpah of quislings is matched only by the chutzpah of Democrats.

  • What personal “need” was Trump focusing on when he created the lowest unemployment for blacks and women in history?
  • What personal “need” was Trump focusing on when he allowed domestic oil drilling, which enabled the U.S. to become energy-independent?
  • What personal “need” was Trump focusing on when he offered the National Guard to cities being burned to the ground by Democrats?
  • What personal “need” is he focusing on when he opposes calls to defund the police?
  • What personal “need” is he focusing on when he criticizes the rioting, arson, looting, and physical assaults on police and citizens by BLM™ and Antifa?
  • What personal “need” was he focused on when he secured a historic Middle East peace agreement?
  • What personal “need” was he focused on when he got NATO allies to contribute more of their fiscal obligations to NATO?
  • What personal “need” was he focused on when he got the U.S. out of NAFTA and formed a trade agreement more favorable to America?
  • What personal “need” was he focused on when he got out of the disastrous Paris Climate Accord and Iran Nuclear Treaty?
  • What personal “need” was he focused on when he appointed over 300 conservative judges?
  • What personal “need” was he focused on when he reversed Obama’s attempt to force teenage girls to undress in the presence of boys in girls’ locker rooms?
  • What personal “need” was he focused on when he stopped federal funding of Calculated Carnage (euphemistically called “Planned Parenthood”)?
  • What personal “need” is he focusing on when he fights for school choice?

The quislings proclaim sanctimoniously that,

What unites us now is a deep conviction that four more years of a Trump presidency will morally bankrupt this country, irreparably damage our democracy, and permanently transform the Republican Party into a toxic personality cult.

Apparently these quislings don’t get out of their swamp enough to know there are millions of Americans who are voting for Trump—not because they worship his personality—but because they support the policies he has been implementing and the vision of America he promotes.

Millions of Americans are going to vote for Trump because they believe the policies promoted by Biden—who is no paragon of moral virtue—and the puppeteers pulling his strings—who are no paragons of moral virtue–will damage the Republic and individual lives.

Biden’s Democrat Party plan to eliminate the Electoral College and the filibuster. They hope to pack the U.S. Supreme Court, make D.C. a state, and give the vote to illegal aliens. Wouldn’t those changes “irreparably damage our democracy”?

With breathtaking hubris, the deep-state, unelected quislings declare, “We can’t … allow that to happen.”

Allow” that to happen? Seriously? Because he’s morally flawed and sends out untoward tweets, the quislings won’t “allow” Republicans to elect Trump even though he supports virtually all GOP positions?

Instead, because Trump is morally flawed, the quislings, who are unknown to Americans, will not only allow but try to ensure the election of the morally flawed, cognitively impaired Biden who supports far left positions that will result in economy-destroying energy-dependence; excessive regulation of businesses; higher taxes; kowtowing to China; and the appointment of one or more far left Supreme Court Justices.

Take a gander at the Democrat Party platform that reveals more of what Romney’s traitorous sycophants desire for America (yikes).

The quislings’ efforts will result in healthcare that “would have a catastrophic impact on the U.S. health care system, driving up costs for the more than 100 million people who receive health insurance in the ObamaCare exchanges or through an employer.”

The quislings’ efforts will result in the restoration of “federal funding for Planned Parenthood” and the repeal of the Hyde Amendment that prevents federal dollars from funding abortion. Many believe aiding and abetting the election of Biden and Harris, both of whom support human slaughter, is a morally bankrupt act.

And their efforts will result in the passage of the most anti-Christian, anti-First Amendment, pro-sexual deviance legislation ever proposed: the grossly misnamed “Equality Act.”

Ironically, the quislings claim they want Biden elected because he “confronts our adversaries head-on.”

In contrast, they claim Trump,

coddles tyrants that persecute religious minorities and sends love letters to dictators that run modern-day concentration camps.

Did the quislings see their noses growing as they wrote those words?

Biden “confronts our adversaries”? Biden, who endlessly touts his tenure in the administration that delivered billions in cash to Iran and who allowed Communist China—which persecutes Christians, puts Uyghurs in modern-day concentration camps, and sterilizes women—to expand its reach and power all while his son Hunter made bank from the relationship with Communist China, confronts our adversaries?

In contrast, Trump has imposed tariffs on China and tied the Chinese tech powerhouse Huawei in a “knot tight enough that Huawei can’t wriggle free.” Sounds kinda like confronting an adversary head-on to me.

In a June 2020 article, author, attorney, and political commentator James V. Lacy warned about the Chinese Communist exploitation of America’s academy for both spying and propaganda:

“China’s Communist Party uses American professors and Chinese national students as ‘nontraditional collectors’ of valuable information,” explains Congressman Michael Waltz of Florida. “Make no mistake: the Chinese government is stealing this information for later use against us.”

A member of the Armed Services Committee and former Green Beret, Waltz has become one of the leading seers of the real and present danger posed by the Chinese Communist infiltration of U.S. higher education institutions. …

It’s not just spying. China has also implemented a sophisticated propaganda campaign with campus entities, known as Confucius Institutes.

“While Confucius Institutes hide behind carefully cultivated images of benign organizations, in reality they actively foment anti-Western ideology on impressionable young college students,” points out Ahnaf Kalam, the director of The Scruton Institute. …

Shockingly, rather than investigate these surreptitious efforts by the Chinese government and military to influence U.S. institutions, the Obama administration, under the direction of Vice President Joe Biden, welcomed Chinese endeavors to co-opt American institutions.

“These ties among our people are the life blood of our emerging partnership,” then-Vice President Joe Biden said in a laudatory 2011 speech at Sichuan University in Beijing, China. “And the more we can work together, the more our people will benefit.”

While China poses the greatest international threat to America, Romney’s band of traitors seek an unprincipled, incompetent globalist to run America, exulting,

With a firm grasp on this deadly virus, the Biden-Harris administration will unite a country their predecessors worked at every juncture to divide, reclaim our nation’s hard-won mantle of global leadership.

On what do the traitorous globalists base their claim that Biden and Harris have a “firm grasp” on the deadly Wuhan virus?

On what do the traitorous Romney disciples base their claim that Biden and Harris whose party has fomented division through Critical Race Theory propaganda in public schools and whose voters are looting, burning, and murdering in Democrat-controlled cities, will unite this country? While even liberal news sources reported that race relations worsened under the Obama-Biden administration, polls consistently show that black support for Trump is greater than it was for Hillary.

Maybe blacks think they can vote for Trump and yet remain black. Maybe blacks—like people of other colors—like peace; order; safety; jobs; low taxes; school choice; and the freedom to speak, think, and vote as they please. Maybe blacks—like people of all colors—don’t want to vote for the party that allowed cities to burn until last week when the polls showed that wasn’t working for them.

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