SPOTLIGHT: Black Families Matter (Part 1)

Written by Benjamin Smith

The Black Lives Matter movement is a shallow movement, one which has taken up a sledgehammer to address a complex problem in need of a more skillful approach. Speaking at a Black Families Matter rally held in Flossmoor (in front of Southland Smiles Dental and across from the new Planned Parenthood facility), Rev. Dr. Eric Wallace stressed that while black lives, white lives, all lives matter, what is foundational and truly vital to our nation right now are strong families parented by a mom and a dad. He issued a call to Christians to stop compartmentalizing issues of race and faith, and instead urged us to “walk out the gospel.”

Illinois Family Institute and Illinois Family Action Executive Director, David Smith, also spoke at the rally. Drawing from Gods Word, he illustrated how biblical truths and principles stand in unyielding opposition to racial division and condemn man’s sinful inclination toward prejudice, bias, and self-appointed superiority.

Dr. Wallace is the co-founder and president of Freedom’s Journal Institute and the Republican candidate for Illinois State Senator in the 40th district.