SPOTLIGHT: Black Families Matter (Part 2)

Written by David E. Smith

This week’s IFA Spotlight podcast revisits the recent Black Families Matter rally that was held in south suburban Flossmoor, right next door to the Planned Parenthood abortion center. Latasha Fields delivers a passionate, well-reasoned, and biblically based call for Christian parents to stop advocating for public education and instead take personal responsibility for their children’s instruction. She also addresses the destructive agenda and influence of groups such as Black Lives Matter at School and the New York Times 1619 Project’s K-12 Black History Curriculum in government schools – and their intent to undermine and dismantle the Black nuclear family.

In the second half of the podcast, Rev. Ceasar LeFlore speaks about what really matters and Who is worthy of our worship. Using Scripture and a powerful, modern parable, Rev. LeFlore emphasizes the wisdom of submitting to God’s design for marriage, family, and the sanctity of life and exposes the dangers of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Please listen and share with your friends and neighbors!

Latasha Fields is the state coordinator for Illinois for Parental Rights and a co-founder of Christian Home Educators Support System.

Rev. Ceasar LeFlore is an Illinois Family Institute board member and a founder of Southland Coalition for Life.

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