Young White Liberals Living Out Their “Teenage Anarchist Fantasy”

Written by Peter Heck

Make no mistake about it, Anna Kendrick, the actress/singer famous for roles in the Pitch Perfect and Trolls movies, undoubtedly considers herself quite woke. She is a Hollywood actress who is fully cognizant of what she’s supposed to say, when she’s supposed to say it, and what power she is supposed to “speak truth” to in order to maintain pop culture credibility.

That said, Kendrick bravely ventured into a position of “unlikely voice of reason” on Twitter recently when she properly identified what the mainstream media has been decidedly unable to deduce or unwilling to admit. That is, white liberals – mostly young ones – are some of the most noticeable ones setting inner city neighborhoods on fire right now.


This is something that, as I wrote about yesterday, the predominantly white-liberal-controlled media refuses to report on.

This doesn’t absolve those who are not young white liberals living out their “teenage anarchist fantasy” but who are still burning down minority-owned businesses and destroying private and public property. There are plenty of videos that show rioting being done by individuals across the race and age spectrum.

Still, as major players (including the disgraced ones like activist Dan Rather) in the lily-white liberal media continue to downplay or ignore the obvious presence of these instigators…

…it was nice to see someone with a significant platform like Kendrick have the guts to call out the nonsense. And it’s far more prevalent than too many are willing to pretend.

Sadly, this is what social justice indoctrination and America’s disastrous university system has fostered – a backwards belief that by burning down businesses and destroying property you are striking a blow for “justice.” Pathetic.

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