Pritzker, Planned Parenthood, and the Pandemic

Written by Laurie Higgins

Calculated Carnage—known euphemistically as Planned Parenthood (PP)—won’t let a little thing like a pandemic keep it from its bloody and profitable business.  Planned Parenthood of Illinois (PPIL) has opened a new facility in Waukegan, Illinois, a Lake County city where one quarter of the families and one quarter of the population are under the poverty line.

Calculated Carnage calculates that targeting the babies of the poor is a more profitable business model than targeting the babies of the affluent (You’ll never find PP trying to sneak an abattoir into Glencoe, Lake Forest, or Winnetka). And let’s not forget that, thanks to the human slaughter eager beavers in Springfield and former governor Bruce “Pinocchio” Rauner, Illinois taxpayers now foot the bill for the abortions of women on Medicaid.

Illinois’ despotic and ethically unhinged governor, J.B. Pritzker, deems the slaughter of the unborn an essential activity, so while joint replacements were prohibited during much of March, all of April, and the first two weeks of May, human dismemberment procedures (and “adult use cannabis dispensaries”) remained open for business. Go figure.

Pritzker, whose wife and daughter recently returned from their equestrian estate in Florida, told the press on Friday May 15 that they’re now at their farm in Wisconsin:

They’re there now. … There are animals on that farm. That is an essential function—to take care of animals at a farm, and so, you know, that’s what they’re doing.

Gosh, how did those animals fare when the First Lady of Illinois was in Florida? Who milked the cows, slopped the pigs, and mucked out the stables when Mrs. Pritzker was so very far away?

To be clear, Pritzker believes it’s essential for tiny humans to be killed in the womb, and it’s essential that farm animals be cared for.  Some critters really are more equal than others.

Planned Parenthood’s May 13, 2020 press release excitedly announcing the opening of its newest Illinois slaughterhouse conveniently omitted surgical abortions on its list of services offered. But don’t be deceived. The facility does, indeed, offer to kill humans surgically. Its website makes that semi-clear, listing one of its services as “in-clinic abortion,” which “works by using suction to empty your uterus.” Hmmm, no mention of exactly what women’s uteruses are emptied of. The unmentionable uterine contents have arms, legs, and heads, which are severed during “in-clinic” suction abortions. This point bears repeating: Pritzker considers the severing of the body parts of tiny living humans an “essential” activity.

According to Illinois Right to Life, PP applied for its Waukegan license as a “medical facility” in order to conceal from the public that yet another PP was opening in Illinois, which now has 18 PP facilities. PPIL’s press release identifies its new Waukegan facility as a “Mission Site.” In addition to its primary mission of bilking Americans of their hard-earned money by killing humans, PP saw the “trans” writing on the wall (and everywhere else) and realized there’s yet another way to profit from harming humans. The newest mission of PP is to offer risky cross-sex hormones to anyone over 18 to help them pass as the opposite sex.

According to the Illinois Department of Health, in 2017, there were 39, 329 abortions committed in Illinois. In 2018, there were 42, 441.  Now that Illinois allows humans to be killed throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy for any or no reason, we have become the slaughterhouse mecca of the Midwest. Worse still, through Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility, it is possible for non-Illinoisans and even illegal aliens from other states to travel to Illinois and receive an abortion at taxpayer expense—no questions asked. No wonder Illinoisans are fleeing or planning their flight from Illinois’ killing fields.

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