The “Trump is a Dictator” Crowd is Angry Trump…Isn’t Acting Like a Dictator

Written by Peter Heck

It has become nearly impossible to take the New York Times seriously. Even those who appreciate the Times regularly quote it not because of its accuracy or insight, but because it’s taking a caustic (and usually careless) swipe at a president that they hate. That’s not a great look for the country’s “newspaper of record.”

The most recent demonstration of their embarrassing current state of affairs has to be education policy reporter Erica L. Green calling out Trump for being useless in the COVID19 response:

Your feelings on Trump’s coronavirus leadership aside, the premise here is stunning for someone who has ascended professionally to be a member of the paid staff at the New York Times.

First, it’s almost as though Ms. Green is completely unaware of the concept of federalism, which is the very backbone of our constitutional order and system in the United States. We do not live in a dictatorship or under an oligarchy.

President Trump, nor his administration, possess the constitutional authority or ability to “shut down much of American life.” While that may be a power Ms. Green wishes to bestow upon a singular ruler sitting upon a golden throne in D.C., Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, George Washington, and the 1787 boys disagreed. Thank God that they did.

  • If businesses are going to shut down, it should (largely) be the choice of business owners – acting on advice, of course, from informed government agencies.
  • If sports are going to suspend events, it should (largely) be the choice of sports commissioners – acting on advice, of course, from informed government agencies.
  • If schools are going to close, it should (largely) be the choice of local school boards and superintendents – acting on advice, of course, from informed government agencies.
  • If colleges are going to dismiss, it should (largely) be the choice of college presidents – acting on advice, of course, from informed government agencies.

That’s how a free republic, built upon federalism, should and does function. That Ms. Green is apparently ignorant of that fact is astounding and frightening for the readership of the paper that employs her.

Further, does this kind of thing not prompt a fairly obvious, itching question: these same voices who regard President Trump as being “literally Hitler,” are upset because…he’s not acting like a fascist dictator? How does that make sense?

It’s almost as though these people don’t have any idea what they’re talking about – a great look indeed for a major newspaper already desperately struggling to recover and sustain some level of credibility. Needless to say, thanks to efforts like these from their employees, it’s not going well.

This article was originally published at The Resurgent.