SPOTLIGHT: Pastor LeFlore on How Churches Can Better Serve Our Communities

Written by David E. Smith

On this Spotlight podcast, Monte Larrick interviews Pastor Ceasar LeFlore of the Chicago chapter of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Pastor LeFlore introduces CURE’s Triangle for Transformation. Then he and Monte explore the dramatic impact of and proper Christian response to gentrification in communities of color. They also discuss the biblical principles and kingdom economy that support the concept of community co-ops for homeownership.

Pastor LeFlore stresses the need for the black community to recommit to the centrality of the family, the importance of personal responsibility and education that emphasizes values, sexual morality, and the sanctity of human life. The podcast concludes with Pastor LeFlore’s insights into the complicated and multifaceted issue of reparations for slavery.

In addition to his work with CURE, Pastor LeFlore also serves with the Beloved Community Development Coalition.

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