How Long Can CNN Justify Keeping Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy?

Written by Peter Heck

If I hadn’t watched the clip twice, I wouldn’t have actually believed what I was seeing. CNN anchor Brian Stelter, the man who hosts a program called Reliable Sources no less, stared at me through the camera in the most serious tones he could muster. Discussing the upcoming days in the impeachment inquiry, Stelter motioned noticeably at the screen next to him and cautioned,

“Some people are going to insult your intelligence in the days ahead.”

The graphic he was pointing to was a screen split into quadrants, featuring Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity. Apparently to Brian, he exists on a professional level above the likes of such opinion-driven talkers. So confident of this, Stelter tweeted his video clip out with this gem of self-puffery:

“In the coming days, journalists will have to keep cutting through the fog and fight for a well-informed public.”

Oh Brian.

No word on whether Stelter was able to type that sentence without physically choking on the irony.  After all, if you haven’t heard, CNN’s “Chief Media Correspondent” Stelter, along with his trusty sidekick, CNN “Senior Media Reporter” Oliver Darcy, are getting absolutely hammered for their now comical refusal to even mention what may be the biggest media-related story of the century.

ABC News had the Jeffery Epstein scoop three years ago, and for political and financial reasons, they chose to sit on it. A major media organization made the corporate decision to allow young girls to be victimized and exploited so that they could continue having access to the royal family, and protect Bill Clinton as well.

In response to this massive black eye for ABC, the suits at that company did not immediately order an investigation into who spiked the story. Their apparent concern wasn’t that some executives at ABC were complicit in covering for the injustice of abusive pedophilia. No, instead they launched a sweeping investigation into who dared let the world know their secret shame. They tracked down a person they believed to be the responsible party at rival CBS. CBS then fired that woman employee, though it later surfaced they had gotten the wrong person.

So to recap:

  • One massive media corporation protected powerful men as they continued to prey on girls.
  • Another massive media corporation (a rival no less) conspired with the first to fire the female leaker. And they seemed to have fired the wrong person.

But the two guys that CNN pays a great deal of money to report on MEDIA, have gone totally silent.

Actually, that’s not exactly fair. They haven’t gone silent. Although Darcy couldn’t find time to speak on behalf of the ABC whistleblower, he did find plenty of room in the schedule to defend the Trump/Ukraine whistleblower’s anonymity. For Darcy, not all whistleblowers are created equal.

And while Stelter was totally disinterested in ABC covering up for a serial child molester, he was all over a different but obviously equally important ABC story – the bombshell that President Donald Trump deleted his tweet supporting Sean Spicer on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Thankfully, the reaction to this humiliating hackery has been most-deservingly brutal:

Standing on a stage with legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein receiving a First Amendment award just a few months ago, CNN President Jeff Zucker told everyone that his network’s mission was to hold the powerful to account, “even when it’s uncomfortable…especially when it’s uncomfortable.”

If Zucker really believes that, there will be two openings in the media reporting department at his network tomorrow.

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