Rep. David Welter Runs as a Republican BUT Votes & Campaigns with Democrats!

Written by John Biver

In recent years Illinois has been experiencing fiscal and moral decay at an alarming rate. Leftist policies championed by the Democratic Party are the cause. Plain and simple. Voters unhappy with the state’s decline often look to the Republican Party to provide leadership to combat and reverse that decline. The problem is this — too many David Welter-like Republicans have been elected to office.

Republican State Rep. David Welter, who represents the 75th district which is centered in Morris, Illinois, and includes parts of Grundy, Kendall, LaSalle, and Will counties, votes with the Democrats on too many important issues.

Why does someone run for office as a Republican and then vote with the political party that is taking Illinois down?

Is it so he can be praised by our radical left-wing big spending governor? You can read here how Governor JB Pritzker gave a shout out to Welter for his bipartisanship when Welter voted with the Democrats and leftists. Apparently, that’s how leftists define bipartisanship — Republicans voting for destructive left-wing policies.

Or is it so you can have Democrats and leftists help you with your fundraising? Believe it or not, that’s just what’s happening in Welter’s case. Radical left-wing regressive State Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), who is “married” to Candace Gingrich, is doing a joint fundraiser with him later this month.

[Cassidy was the chief sponsor and spokesperson for the extreme abortion expansion bill that Democrats cheerfully passed earlier this year, and a chief sponsor of the “recreational” marijuana bill that Governor Pritzker held a signing ceremony for in June.]

Or it is a coping mechanism? Since Republicans are mostly powerless in the Illinois General Assembly due to their minority status, do Republicans like Welter suffer from Stockholm Syndrome? Read more here about the infamous syndrome and decide for yourself.

Hardworking Illinois families are over-taxed and fed-up with the immoral policies and as a result many are fleeing the state. The state’s property, income, and sales taxes are among the highest in the nation. The Illinois General Assembly voted to double the state’s gasoline tax earlier this year. David Welter voted for that increase.

Vehicle registration and driver’s license fees were also substantially raised. David Welter voted for that increase.

Despite an abundance of information pouring in from other states warning against legalizing recreational marijuana use, the Democrats voted to put more drugs on our streets and in the hands of our children.  If other states that have legalized are any indication of what we can expect, his vote will be responsible for an increase traffic fatalities, hospitalizations, poison control center calls, black market crime and youth use.  What’s even worse, from 2013-2015, marijuana was the most prevalent component in toxicology screens for completed suicides among Colorado youth ages 10-19.  Colorado legalized in 2013. Again, David Welter voted with the Democrats.

Ignoring decades of research proving the detrimental social and economic impact of increasing legalized gambling, the Democrats chose instead to support an increase in sports betting, six new casinos, and expanding the number of slot machines and table games at current casinos. David Welter voted with the Democrats.

The Democrats voted to give voting rights to non-citizens, allowing non-citizens to sit on the University of Illinois Board of Trustees. Yes, you read that correctly. And David Welter voted with the Democrats.

Democrats also voted to require private corporations to submit the number of board of directors who “self-identify” as a different race or gender than what they are. Yep! David Welter voted with the Democrats.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot poses for a picture with Illinois State Rep. David Welter

The yearly cost of health care for families continues to reach new heights. Now thanks to the Democrats, Illinois prison inmates no longer have to worry about co-pays for health and dental care. That’s right — getting sent to the slammer has its benefits: free health care. David Welter voted with the Democrats.

The deceptively named Equal Rights Amendment has been opposed by the vast majority of Illinois Republicans since Illinois’ own Phyllis Schlafly taught Republicans how to fight and win as a political underdog in the 1970s. Rep. Welter chose instead to vote in line with the Illinois Democratic Party platform.

As the Illinois Family Institute has outlined multiple times and in great detail, the ERA removes all legal protection for women in over 800 federal laws by removing legal distinctions between the two sexes. It also forces pro-life taxpayers to pay for abortions. David Welter voted with the Democrats on this, too.

When a Republican takes the wrong position on that many important issues one must wonder why they don’t just join the Democratic Party!

Illinois continues to suffer under a Democrat governor and under Democrat super-majorities in both houses of the state legislature. Their policies are the problem. When Republicans like Rep. David Welter vote for those policies, it’s time for Republican voters to look for another candidate to represent them.

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