Nancy Pelosi’s Prayers

Written T.R. Clancy

An ardent, prayerful, and moral Nancy Pelosi has been called from sitting for her holy-card portrait to lend her aid in getting the president impeached — and the nation torn apart in the process.

She’s been on TV constantly, lecturing America that it’s the moral burden of Democrats to undo the 2016 election by any means necessary.  The U.S. Constitution, she keeps saying, demands it.  She just never mentions where.

But even as she expends herself, Mother Teresa–like, for the good of humanity on the impeachment crusade, she can still serve other mission fields as well.  Take last week, when she fellowshipped with the saints at Planned Parenthood, telling them how “Republicans ‘ignore basic morality'” with their bans on partial-birth abortions and infanticide.  Such bans are immoral, she says, because they violate (what else?) the Constitution, and “every woman, everywhere has the constitutional and moral right to basic reproductive health care.”  And what more basic reproductive health care does every pregnant mother need than a grisly procedure that will stop her pregnancy dead — literally?  It’s strange that 93% of OB-GYNs so immorally fail to provide their patients with this most basic reproductive health procedure.  Are they all Republicans?

For a while now, the word “moral,” or some form of it, has been Pelosi’s go-to word.  Trump’s efforts to secure the border are “immoral,” but we’re not sure why.  All restrictions on abortion are immoral, but Pelosi never offers to explain how.  Now impeaching Trump is a moral imperative — but she can’t say where the virtue is in it.

Now it seems that “prayer” is crowding out “moral” for the favorite spot.  Like how Pelosi is now saying she’s “heartbroken and prayerful” that U.S. House Democrats have no choice but to drag the nation through an impeachment.  Since last Saturday, she’s been repeating all over friendly media, in reference to her and her exultant accomplices’ current attack on the president, that “[t]here is no joy in this.”  If she really finds no joy in it, it may be because her more intelligent advisers — or maybe the Angel Gabriel — warned her that it’s an exploding cigar, lit and planted by her out-of-control caucus right between her own sacred lips.

And is Nancy genuinely heartbroken over this?  Then what’s with the permanent sickly smile?  Why do I sense that if she really believed that impeaching Trump was going to be a slam-dunk, she’d be performing some pigeon-like jig on the Capitol steps? Still she intones,

“We must be somber, we must be prayerful and we must pursue the facts further to make a decision as to, Did this violate the Constitution of the United States?  Which I believe it did.”

Have you noticed how she’s always muttering “let us pray” just as she’s ready to stick the knife in?  Recall that she bragged about leading Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump in an Oval Office prayer meeting before she and Schumer — for the sheer political rush of making Trump look bad — cornered him into a government shutdown.

She’s also been humbly announcing in the media how often she prays for Trump.  She wants us to know she’s all in with the Lord’s command that Christians pray for their enemies.  He also mentioned something in the same sermon about hypocrites who show off their piety in public “in order to be seen by men.”  I think He said getting yourself noticed that way is all the reward you’re going to get.

And when we pray for others, especially our enemies, shouldn’t we be asking for something good for them?  When Jesus Himself prayed for the people who crucified Him, He asked God to forgive them, not punish them in the Lake of Fire.  Pelosi is not exactly following the pattern.  She says she’s ardently praying for President Trump “all the time,” even as she’s reassuring top Democrats that she’d rather “see him in prison” than impeached.  Does she mean all those hours on her knees she’s been praying for the president to go to jail?

It’s almost enough to make you question her sincerity.  Could that be why Trump’s tweeted, “Nancy, thank you so much for your prayers, I know you truly mean it!”?

Pelosi’s crowning achievement as a moralist, hands down, is how she keeps up the pretense that she’s an “ardent Catholic” while defying the Catholic Church’s clearest and most urgent condemnation of the slaughter of the innocent unborn through abortion.  On this topic, Pelosi has to be the most obnoxiously hypocritical Catholic of all the Catholic pro-abortion politicians out there.  From her vantage “as a practicing and respectful Catholic,” she has literally described abortion as, for her, “sacred ground.”  She’s incapable of flogging the undisputable need for mothers to kill their unborn, at any time, and for any reason, without bringing morality into it.  But if she’s ever closed the loop on what’s so moral about unrestricted abortion, or how it’s an authentically Catholic morality, no one’s heard it.

Of course, what Pelosi really worships is power, and, if she ever did have an authentic faith, she’s long since traded it for whatever phantom share in “all the kingdoms of the world” a corrupt political climber is entitled to.  She only keeps up the Catholic shtick because she thinks Catholic voters are spiritually shallow enough to keep voting Democrat, so long as you lie to them enough about your love for the poor and drop St. Francis of Assisi’s name a lot.  The tragedy is, she’s right about far too many Catholic voters, which may say something for the sharpness of her political instincts but not much for the purity of her intentions.

Besides, millions of those Catholics who vote Democrat — definitely those who are a generation or more behind Pelosi — at least have the excuse of being poorly catechized.  Pelosi, on the other hand, who is much older than I am, was taught better.  I know she was taught better as a child, because I was taught the same.

It’s not as if Pelosi, in adulthood, hasn’t been warned.  She has been, repeatedly. Then-pope Benedict XVI, recognized by Catholics as Christ’s representative on Earth, personally warned her about the gravity of her error.  Her response?  She said she knows more about it than the pope.  With her usual disconnected logic, she explained, “As a mother of five, in six years, I have great standing on this issue, great understanding of it, more than my colleagues.”

Except many women have had that many babies, and more, without it ever occurring to them that if they killed one of them in the womb, it would be a moral act.  Besides, even if Pelosi knows something about bringing babies into the world, abortion isn’t about bringing babies into the world: abortion is about stopping babies from coming into the world, by means of a violent and wicked act.

It says in the New Testament that God is not mocked.  If nothing changes, things are not going to work out well for U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  She hasn’t got that much time left.  And if she can scorn a personal warning from the vicar of Christ, she may next be trying to explain her morals directly to Himself.

T.R. Clancy looks at the world from Dearborn, Michigan.  You can email him at

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