Wise and Honest Candidates Needed

Written by John Biver

Illinois Democrats have shoved the most extreme legislation down the throats of Illinoisans by passing the nation’s most radical abortion bill, forcing public school indoctrination of our children, imposing higher taxes and fees and putting more drugs on our streets. The pendulum will not swing back on its own. We need to step up if we hope to counter the billionaire Governor and the Illinois Democrats. ~ IFA’s David E. Smith

Right now, there are many thousands of people who have decided not to give up on Illinois. Yes, you read that right. Not everyone is willing to surrender.

Many who have left Illinois have left for good reasons, like a better job opportunity or to be closer to family. But others who left Illinois simply gave up. They just weren’t willing to fight. They made the decision to let the radicals win with their pro-abortion and big government/ever-increasing high tax policies.

You might have seen the applause as Governor J.B. Pritzker signed SB 25, radical abortion expansion for Illinois. Are those the kind of people you want holding power in this once great state?

Getting wealthy with tax dollars is an art in Illinois. Property taxes are at record high levels, but the leftists never have enough.

Why do those who enable corrupt profiteers have control of our state government when they are greatly outnumbered by honest, hardworking residents?

Because we have allowed them. So what can we do?

As we approach the 2020 election cycle, it is time for those committed to staying and fighting for fiscally sensible and moral policies to consider running for office or help some like-minded person run for office.

For those who want to learn more about how to run for office, a new document is hot off the press at the Illinois State Board of Elections. It’s called the 2020 Candidate’s Guide, and you can download a free copy HERE.

While an attention to detail is required to properly follow the steps to get on the ballot for your chosen office, it is not a difficult process. Many people who don’t know when life begins, whether men can have babies, or possess the skills to balance a budget successfully run for office every year. Surely if they can do it, you can too.

If you are the type of person to throw your hat into the ring, you can be assured there is plenty of support out there for your candidacy. That help can be found in your family, among friends, in your church, and in your local and regional organizations. If you do not think you are candidate material, you can help recruit other good people to run, and then help them win.

The Board of Elections candidate guide lays out the technical rules for putting together a successful candidacy, from petitions to required financial disclosures. And the Internet is an excellent source of information on how to be a good candidate and execute a winning campaign. Conservative organizations such as the Leadership Institute and American Majority also provide helpful information. Of course, if you know like-minded veteran candidates that you respect, seek out their counsel as well.

Not everyone is able to leave Illinois, and many of them realize Illinois is not beyond hope. Leftist policies have become so damaging that a growing number of residents are no longer willing to submit to the corruption and insanity.

It is easy to decry the lack of enlightened leadership in Illinois, but the truth is, many of you reading this have just the kind of leadership abilities we so desperately need. Leaders do not all have to run for office. Sometimes they recruit candidates and provide invaluable assistance to help them over the finish line.

Why has it taken so long for the good people in our state to rise up? The drafters of the Declaration of Independence understood unchanging human nature in this type of circumstance and summed it up:

[A]ll experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

In 2019, the evils in Illinois have become insufferable. We are where the colonials were in the 1770s. “A long train of abuses” impelled them to exercise their right and duty “to throw off such Government….”

Candidate Guide

Conservatives need to run for office, and good people must help them win. Don’t believe the cynics.  Illinois can be saved.

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