Mitt’s Message

Written by Gary Bauer

The past two years have witnessed some of the most brutal political battles in modern American history.  Leftists refused to accept the 2016 election results.  They disrupted the inauguration.  And the Deep State has been attempting to undermine the Trump presidency every day since he was elected.

After having been AWOL for much of this fight, U.S. Senator-elect Mitt Romney (R-UT) has published an opinion piece in the Washington Post offering his critique of Washington.  The problem, as Romney sees it, is President Trump.

There wasn’t one word in his op-ed about ending abortion on demand, securing our border or fighting the radical left, which is increasingly hostile to free speech and religious liberty.

Just think about the message Romney is sending to grassroots conservatives all across the country.  In Romney’s view, the problem in Washington isn’t the swamp culture but the man they elected to drain the swamp.  In Romney’s view, the problem in Washington isn’t the left’s “resistance” to everything Trump says and does, but Trump himself.

Romney hasn’t even taken his oath of office yet, but already he is vowing to lead the establishment opposition to Trump, as if there isn’t enough of that already.  And this is coming from the guy who gave us four more years of Barack Obama because he wasn’t tough enough to handle Candy Crowley.

Not surprisingly, the president wasn’t very enthused by Romney’s letter to the editor.  In a tweet this morning, the president questioned whether Romney was going to be another “Flake,” and encouraged him to be a “team player” instead.

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