Absence of Leadership Stuns Republican Conservative Base

By Illinois Conservative Union

A week has passed since an ABC-7 interview revealed that, during the campaign, Governor Bruce Rauner actively sought someone to run in his stead. While Rauner’s lack of enthusiasm for re-election was not a surprise for grassroots Illinois Conservatives, what is shocking is the lack of any strategic action and transparency on the part of IL GOP Leadership.

While facing one of the most critical election contests in recent Illinois history, in which the financial well-being of millions of Illinois citizens hung in the balance, the entire leadership was absent and silent. And the silence continues. While Republicans across the state are hungry for decisive, forward-thinking and action-oriented leadership, they are not finding it at the top of the establishment IL GOP hierarchy.

One member of the State Central Committee has made a public call for an emergency meeting of that Committee to deal with this crisis of leadership. Additional SCC members are quietly rallying to that call.

Election 2020 is just over the horizon. The Illinois Republican Party cannot afford even one more day of passive, feckless, inattentive and ineffective leadership. Illinois Conservative Union joins the call in urging a complete reorganization of the state Republican Party, but it must be a reorganization which fully embraces the party base — Conservatives — the grassroots who actually do the important boots-on-the-ground work as they attempt to save the once-great state of Illinois.

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