SPOTLIGHT: Election Post-Mortem (Part 2)

Written by David E. Smith

Another election has come and gone. A number of states saw a noticeable political shake-up. For pro-life/pro-family conservatives in Illinois, things went from bad to worse.

As promised last week, Monte Larrick and I are once again joined by Richard Hartian, Chairman of Illinois Family Action, for this episode of Spotlight.

Moving on from the post-mortem of What went wrong? to a discussion of Where do we go from here? – Hartian, Smith, and Larrick consider what Illinois might look like under a Democrat-controlled statehouse led by J.B. Pritzker. They also explore possible next steps for the GOP in Illinois and the absolute necessity for conservative Christians to become involved in the important life and stewardship issues that are at the heart of politics.

Other topics on the table include the potential legislation to legalize recreational marijuana and proposed SB 3249 which would mandate teaching LGBT history in grades K-12. Our trio also considers the anticipated effects of: extensive gambling expansion (including a city-owned casino in Chicago that would NOT be under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Gaming Board); assisted suicide; the decimation of the Parental Notice of Abortion Act; threats to homeschooling liberty, and the Illinois Exodus.

Please listen to this week’s podcast:

So what now?

First of all, we must remember to keep all of our federal, state and elected officials in our prayers.

Stay tuned to receive updates and alerts from Illinois Family Institute regarding legislation that would effect foundational issues like life, marriage, parental rights, and religious liberty. Lawmakers will face a heavy onslaught from the Human Rights Campaign, Equality Illinois, Planned Parenthood, marijuana profiteers, the ACLU and many others. They need to hear from you now, more than ever, and all throughout the General Assembly session.

IFI and IFA will be here every step of the way.

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