The Big Lie: Leftists Care about Children

Written by Tom Trinko

Leftists have a long history of exploiting children to advance the left’s political agenda.  The most recent case is the left’s screeching about the fact that when illegals are arrested for trying to sneak into the country, their children are separated from them.

We know that leftists don’t really care about this because it happened under Barack Obama, and they said nothing.  It even happened under George W. Bush, and they didn’t complain about it then, either, even though they hated Bush.

Further, the children of American parents who are arrested for a crime are also temporarily separated from their parents.  After all, who would suggest that we put kids in an adult prison?

In addition, we know that if those parents didn’t try to sneak in, but requested asylum at one of the border crossings, they wouldn’t be separated from their kids.

Finally, it’s not an accident that what the leftists want is for any “family” – even those where it’s possible that the children are actually victims of human-trafficking by strangers – which is caught trying to sneak into America to be let go in America.  It’s clear that leftists don’t care about the children, because if having a “child” with you means you’re safe from the Border Patrol, there will be a huge market for renting, leasing, or buying children just south of the border.  What leftists care about is giving America open borders, where anyone can stroll on in and get welfare for life.

Given leftists’ lack of care about the temporary separation of children from illegal parents during the Obama administration, it’s clear that this is just one more example of the weaponization of children to advance the leftist agenda.  From welfare for all to gun control to open borders, leftists always exploit children and pretend that only their policies demonstrate a love of children.

What’s interesting is that there is no group in the world less enamored of children than leftists.  We’ll assume that in this context, children mean children other than their own.

After all, we’ve all heard some left-wing eco-nut tell us that because people are bad for the planet, we should have fewer children.  It’s not uncommon for leftists to say families that have “too many” kids should pay higher taxes even though those kids, when grown, will be paying for the leftists’ Social Security and Medicare.  Imagine if someone said the world would be better if we had fewer blacks, and now apply that to someone who says the world would be better off with fewer children.

Sadly, you don’t have to imagine people saying the world would be a better place with fewer blacks – and no, it’s not the Democrat-founded KKK.  The standard leftist solution for the problems of the Third World is to declare that if there were just fewer brown babies, all would be well.  Leftists are eager to send contraceptives and abortion-related tools to the Third World to help brown people kill off their own children.  Whenever leftists can’t use children to advance the leftist cause, leftists are working hard to eliminate children.

Leftists no longer say murdering the unborn should be legal, safe, and rare; they’re now saying abortion is a good thing.  It would seem a bit odd to think the same folks who see no problem with the fact that 1,000,000 children are killed in the womb each year are really and truly concerned with children once they’re born.  Leftists were even silent about, if not supportive of, China’s one-child policy where women were forced to have abortions against their will; so much for “prochoice.”

Leftists don’t care about the children being killed in Democrat-run places like Chicago, because if they did, they wouldn’t keep pushing gun control, which hasn’t worked.  But the reality is that leftists want to disarm Americans; they don’t care if children – well, at least black and brown children – die.  To leftists, children are simply a way to guilt Americans into giving up their right to self-defense.  Leftists say responsible gun-owners are killing kids at the same time as leftists say criminals who are the most likely to kill kids should get out of jail quicker.

Leftists are eager to harness children who don’t know an assault rifle from a pitchfork to steal away our Second Amendment rights, even though the best way to stop school shootings is to put the kids with a track record of violence into prison and to arm people in the schools, so shooters know they are unlikely to emerge alive.  Leftists don’t really care about the kids getting shot, because if they did, they’d be constantly demanding changes in places like Chicago and Baltimore – real changes that would reduce the shooting rate, not gun control, which hasn’t done any good.

Leftists have been pretty comfortable defending Roman Polanski, who was convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl, and they’ve been slow to get woke about Woody Allen being accused of molesting a young girl.  Leftists have also been quiet about the sexualization of young girls in fashion and popular culture.  It’s hard to see a lot of love for children when there’s no condemnation of the exploitation of children as sex objects.

Science tells us our sex is determined by our DNA, and no amount of dangerous hormone “therapy” or plastic surgery can change that.  Statistics tell us that men who have surgery to pretend to be women have an obscenely high suicide rate.  Yet leftists are all gung-ho for pumping little children up with potent chemicals because the children are either self-confused or confused by their parents about who they really are.  In a world where we condemn professional athletes using steroids, it’s hardly a sign of caring about children to endorse doping them up with hormones to overcome their nature.

Study after study links single parenthood with bad life outcomes for children.  Yet leftists push for easy divorce, a welfare system that encourages single-parent families, and sexual promiscuity.  It’s a bit odd for leftists to shriek about the U.S. temporarily separating the children of criminals from their parents while those same leftists extol the virtues of a family where the child never knows who his dad is.  Kids deserve a father and a mother, and if these people actually cared about children, they’d be trying to make single-parent families the exception that occurs only due to tragedy – a parent dying or a physically abusive parent – not an ever enlarging fraction of the population.

There isn’t a single leftist policy that actually helps children.  All the welfare programs that leftists advocate hurt the children of the poor by incentivizing single-parent families and encouraging early sexual activity.  Leftists support for gun control leaves the poor unable to protect their children, especially when leftists demand that the police be nice to crooks – as occurs in places like Chicago and Baltimore.

But most leftist policies hurt children, including advocating killing children before they’re born, a welfare system that puts children on the fast track to early pregnancy and death, being soft on criminals so that children can’t have safe neighborhoods, and legalizing drugs that are most dangerous for children.

Tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  The left doesn’t care about children at all.  The only reason children are separated from their illegal parents is that the illegals were arrested for breaking the law.  If those parents applied for asylum, they wouldn’t be separated from their kids.

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