“Pride Month” is Officially a Religion: Twitter CEO Shamed Into Disavowing Chik-fil-A Visit

In April, Babylon Bee published a satirical op-ed entitled: “You Either Die An SJW, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become A Bigot”

The “author” of the piece was Starbucks Executive Chair Howard Schultz. The op-ed mocked how Starbucks was shamed into closing all of its 8,000 stores because leftist social justice warriors claimed that one Philadelphia store manager’s decision meant the entire company was full of racists.

This is the same Starbucks which endorsed left-wing ideologies on LGBT issues long before they were popular. But, as the Bee’s op-ed noted, “nobody wins at the Woke Olympics.” Starbucks just wasn’t “woke” enough for the keyboard warriors.

Twitter’s CEO just discovered the same thing. Even though his company is partnering with the dangerously ideological Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and targets conservatives, it was Jack Dorsey’s tweet about eating at Chik-fil-A which suddenly put him in the “bad liberal corner.”

Chik-fil-A, of course, has a CEO who in 2012 famously said marriage is…marriage. This is apparently enough for O’Brien to publicly call out Dorsey. Like a good leftist, Dorsey immediately apologized.

Here’s the thing — Chik-fil-a has a lot in common with leftist-aligned companies. For example:

Chik-fil-A also helps the LGBT community. In 2016, Chik-fil-A employees donated food on a Sunday to help volunteers and blood donors after Omar Mateen’s mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.

And like CrossFit, Chik-fil-A cracks down on dissension in the ranks on LGBT issues, even on private time. (Oh, wait — that was satire…)

The fact that Dorsey backed down so quickly is shameful. Chik-fil-A pays its employees well, refuses to overwork them, and offers benefits, scholarships, and more for many employees. It is the picture of responsible corporatism, in part because it largely stays out of the culture wars.

CrossFit’s decision to fire a Christian employee, Dorsey’s retreat from O’Brien — it’s quite clear that Pride Month and LGBT activism have become as much of the Left’s religion as abortion.

This article originally posted at 2ndVote.com.