Illinois Republicans Miss the Target in Target-Rich Environment–Again

Written by John Biver and David E. Smith

Illinois Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Whether it is reaching enough Illinoisans with the facts about the dire fiscal state of Illlinois or about the terrible consequences of the misnamed “Equal Rights Amendment,” GOP leaders can’t seem to make use of the many teachable moments that occur weekly in Illinois politics.

One such teachable moment presented itself in a shocking investigative report by the Chicago Tribune on pervasive child sexual abuse within the Chicago Public School system that exposed that “Over a decade, police investigated more than 520 cases of juvenile sexual assault and abuse in Chicago’s public schools.”

Despite the shocking nature of the abuses outlined in the report, there has been virtually no response from Illinois Republican “leaders.” Where is the proactive, sustained and appropriate expression of outrage coming from GOP Chairman Tim Schneider, Governor Bruce Rauner, State Senator Bill Brady and State Representative Jim Durkin? Why the silence? Is it apathy or foolishness?

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, such silence about a decade of sexual abuse of young students entrusted to the care of government “servants” is inexcusable. The reported sexual assault and abuse of 520 juveniles over a ten-year period should generate public outrage among all politicians and especially Republicans.

These abuses happened–and in some cases were ignored or enabled–during the tenure of Democratic political appointees, bureaucrats and elected officials. Wise Republican leaders would draw attention to the Democrats’ failure to protect children from sexual predators as well as to their appalling inability to prepare students academically. Instead, silence.

One common response from GOP officials to criticism of their failures is, “You don’t understand how it is in Springfield.” Republican leaders have a dozen or so tired excuses as to why they continue to fail to win enough seats and roll back leftist policies. Each of those excuses is easily countered.

This is not a “blue state.” It’s a state where the GOP has been weak, feckless and Democrat-lite for decades. Most  Illinoisans are not nutty leftists like those that live in California, Oregon, Vermont or Massachusetts. Most Illinois voters just haven’t heard from Republicans at all, or if they have, the message has been too weak and/or spoken by too few to catch fire.

Solutions based on conservative principles applied to the growing fiscal and moral disaster that is Illinois can turn things around. For starters, current Republican officials and candidates might read the Republican Platform. It’s actually very good and something most rank and file Republican voters want those they elect to follow. And it’s about time the state Republican leadership demand that their elected members adhere to these principles and vote accordingly.

It’s a target-rich environment and conservative thinkers have offered plenty of bulls-eye-hitting ideas ready for use. Illinois Republicans don’t lack for opportunities. GOP leaders need only listen, learn and act.

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