SPOTLIGHT: 2018 Illinois Primary Recap (Part 2)

Illinois is NOT a Dark Blue State

Written by John Biver

On this edition of the IFA Spotlight podcast, Monte Larrick, John Biver and Dave Smith continue their discussion about the primary election last month, including the great conservative candidates down ballot, educating misinformed voters, and a summary of the results from down ballot races.

Reviewing the vote totals from the primary, the fact of the uptick in Democratic Party ballots cast versus the down tick in Republican ballots cast, Monte stated — “If you’re a Republican it sounds like we’re in big trouble in November.”

Dave responded that Republicans are in trouble at the top of the ticket since two Democrat billionaires are running against each other (Dave referred to Rauner as a Democrat on the basis of his support of the radical left’s social agenda). Both men are super rich, pro-abortion, and have money to burn. But, Dave emphasized, “We need to come out and fight for the down-ballot races. We cannot afford to sit this one out or ignore it — we need to put some good people across the finish line and add to the pro-life caucus in Springfield.”

Dave said that the battle is especially important in the state house of representatives, where just three or four pick-ups is critical: “We can stop a lot of the garbage — the cultural Marxist agenda that is being pushed in Illinois.”

Monte Larrick raised the issue of what was need to change things in Illinois. The answer discussed was an aggressive messaging so Illinoisans can learn the facts. Dave Smith pointed out that the reason Jeanne Ives lost the primary was “because people were uninformed.” Too many people vote on emotion without hearing the facts that would change their viewpoint.

Also discussed was the victory against recreational marijuana legalization in Arizona, how Leftists continue to over-step on issues where the public is not with them (such as boys using the girls’ locker rooms), and the effort to dilute the abortion parental notification law in Illinois (another issue a majority of the public does not support).

Should pro-family voters support Rauner in November? How dire is the situation in Illinois — is it hopeless or is there a path out of Illinois’ cultural and fiscal mess? Listen to this extended podcast to hear the answer.

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