SPOTLIGHT: Q & A for Panel on Radical Islam and Sharia

Written by David E. Smith

In October, the Illinois Family Institute and local ACT for America Citizen leaders hosted a panel of experts to answer questions about radical Islam and Sharia in America. This panel includes Philip Haney, former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower and counter-terrorism expert; Anni Cyrus of the Glazof Gang. A child bride in her home country of Iran, abused and imprisoned as a teen, she escaped to America and now advocates for women and girls, suffering under Sharia; and Pastor Usama Dakdok, an Egyptian-born Christian who worked for four years to translate the Koran into perfect English. He now works to warn American Christians about the dangers of Islam and the rise of Sharia law in America.

During the question and answer session, the panelists agreed that the goal of Jihad is to abolish the United States Constitution — or, “hope and change.” Philip Haney explained that lies are allowed in Islam to further their goals. As a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security, he warned that there are still too many holdovers from the Obama Administration.

A warning was also given regarding the influence the Muslim Brotherhood has on U.S. policy due to its rise during the previous administration.

Solutions of many of the problems discussed must come from the grassroots up, and Pastor Dakdok stressed the fact that an increasing number of Muslims are running for office and will continue to do so until they take over much of our political system  — a legitimate concern that should spark more Christians to run for office as well.

Follow these panelists on Twitter! Anni Cyrus can be found @Anni_Cyrus; Usama Dakdok is at @UsamaDakdok.  

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