Levin: Rep. Luis Gutierrez is a ‘Marxist-Leninst’ and a ‘lunatic’

Written by Jordan Schachtel

Tuesday on his radio show, Conservative Review Editor-in-chief Mark Levin exposed far-left Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., breaking down his radical past.

Levin first responded to Gutierrez discussing the supposed evils of America, in which the Chicago politician called for the mass importation of illegal immigrants into America.

“Why are they here … If people are here working in the most horrendous conditions imaginable, why do they come here?” Levin asked.

He then played a clip of Rep. Gutierrez calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

“Guy’s a lunatic,” Levin said, explaining that Gutierrez is a “creature” of the corrupt Chicago political system.

Levin further explored the Illinois congressman’s past as a member of a “Marxist-Leninist entity.”

Article originally posted on ConservativeReview.com.