Now is the Season for Success for the GOP on the Issues Battlefield

Written by John Biver

Military historian and premier political analyst Victor Davis Hanson asked a critically important question in a recent column: Can a divided America survive?

Some conservatives would have liked to adjust the focus of that question: can America survive without a religious revival mirroring past Christian awakenings in our nation’s history.

Let me ask you to set the spiritual aspect aside for the moment since this is an article addressing political issues. Here’s how I want to frame the question: can America survive if the elected Republicans in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate fail yet again to do what they were elected to do?

Heading into the 2016 election cycle, many informed conservative Americans sensed the nation was at a tipping point. If one more presidential election went against them, the feeling was that it would be difficult to ever recover enough to save the republic.

With the results of last November there was renewed hope — maybe God is giving us yet another chance.

Now it’s mid-June and the GOP controlled U.S. Congress seems absent without leave. Far more vacations are being enjoyed by them than important critical legislation enacted.

This writer and others like me, frustrated that our national debt grew by 7 or 8 trillion dollars since Republicans took the U.S. House in 2010. Spending bills originate in the U.S. House. Republicans had the power of the purse while the deficit ballooned. Sorry, but that is just fiscal and economic reality.

This post isn’t me pushing the panic button – but it is me addressing as gently as I can the question many on the right are asking: Why bother voting for Republicans?

The alternative is surrender. To not go to the polls and allow the Democrats to take the reins of power is to back up the clock a year and imagine a future with President Hillary Clinton, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Here is the reality of it: As bad as that is, millions of Americans who are now hopeful will begin to lose hope if the Republicans in Congress don’t start getting things done. It is not unreasonable for voters to demand action on key issues like:

Defunding Planned Parenthood.

Repeal and replace Obamacare.

Tax Cuts — reform that generates the kind of economic growth that is absolutely necessary for the well-being of so many poor and middle class Americans.

It’s not arbitrary to pick September as a deadline. Skipping the August recess would be a good idea so that heading into autumn the financial markets, investors and business expansion decisions, would result in circumstances that would lead to employment levels rising. Healthy economic growth can impact the nation’s mood.

Back to the spiritual realities of this: prayer is needed. This isn’t a matter of cold policy issues. It’s a matter of survival.

During the American Revolutionary War, the army couldn’t take vacations. When the big battles came around, the soldiers knew that it was now or…maybe never. Our GOP members of Congress had better get on a war footing — and fast.

Take ACTION:  Let the following Illinois Republican members of Congress know that you are growing impatient with the delay tactics. Kindly urge them to get their work done. This summer begins this week. Now is the season for success on the battlefield.  The U.S. Capitol switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.  Contact them directly:

Rep. Peter Roskam
6th Congressional Dist.
Washington Phone: 202-225-4561
District Phone: 630-232-0006

Rep. Mike Bost
12th Congressional Dist.
Washington Phone: 202-225-5661
District Phone: 618-457-5787

Rep. Rodney Davis
13th Congressional Dist.
Washington Phone: 202-225-2371
District Phone: 217-791-6224

Rep. Randy Hultgren
14th Congressional Dist.
Washington Phone: 202-225-2976
District Phone: 630-584-2734

Rep. John Shimkus
15th Congressional Dist.
Washington Phone: 202-225-5271
District Phone: 217-347-7947

Rep. Adam Kinzinger
16th Congressional Dist.
Washington Phone: 202-225-3635
District Phone: 815-708-8032

Rep. Darin LaHood
18th Congressional Dist.
Washington Phone: 202-225-6201
District Phone: 309-671-7027

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