It’s So Bad, Even a Liberal University Noticed

Written by Micah Clark

If you think that liberal bias in the media has gotten even worse since the election of Donald Trump, you’re not alone.  Even Harvard University in Massachusetts has noticed that the media has gone over the edge in a new study.

They found in the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, 80 percent of media coverage was negative. For major liberal players such as CNN and The New York Times, that number was as high as 93 percent.

The main story of Trump’s first 100 days, says lead researcher Thomas Patterson, is Trump vs. the media. “That is very strange in a two-party system,” he observes, “where the competition is between the president and the press and not between the two parties.

The study warns that this problem is more than just liberal journalism advocating for the Democrats.  The study also makes the case that political journalism is overly drawn to controversy at the expense of substance regarding policy matters.

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